When It Comes To Sweets, Never Say Never

When It Comes to Sweets, Never Say Never

Sugar cravings are quite common, especially when you are on a diet. However, when it comes to sweets, you can have it anytime. Sweet doesn’t always mean unhealthy, but there are many healthy sweet options available as well. Therefore, adding sweat treats to your diet doesn’t make you fat. It makes your meal delicious. Let’s see how to do it?

When It Comes to Sweets, Never Say Never
When It Comes To Sweets, Never Say Never

When It Comes To Sweets – Go For Healthy Choices

You don’t have to count calories all the time. Snacks and sweets can be nutritious, along with being tasty. Sweet options like fruits, curd, or even fruit jelly sound good. In general, healthy snacks only have 100-200 calories with nutritional benefits.  Apart from this, you can go for baked cookies or low-fat baked chips. Nuts are also great to snack options as they are rich in healthy fats. Here are some options.

Curd And Nuts

Have you ever tried mixing nuts and curd? If not, then you must try because it takes good. The curd is a natural probiotic, and nuts are healthy as well. You can add a little bit of sugar, honey, or jaggery. Furthermore, nuts add texture and nutritional value to the curd as well.

When It Comes To Sweets – Fruit Salad

Fruits are naturally sweet but vary in texture. Therefore, a combination of it can make a tasty dessert. Start with seasonal fruits and top it with some nuts. Besides this, you can have a single fruit as a snack like a mango or berries. People like to combine berries and other fruits like apples or mangoes. Trust me, fruit salad is very delicious and satisfies the sweet cravings.

 Watch Out The Calories

 Counting calories is the key to lose weight. Therefore, you can eat anything as long as you are not eating above the required calories. You can make a 100 calorie sweet dish to stop the cravings. You can even have chocolates or candies after a meal if you eat it in the limit. However, you can’t have ice-cream or chips every day. In simple words, limit the consumption of such food items and have a cheat day instead. In the beginning, it is hard to change your diet suddenly. Therefore, start slowly and have such food items once in two days.

When It Comes to Sweets, Never Say Never
When It Comes To Sweets, Never Say Never

When It Comes To Sweets – Less Is More

While being on a diet, we all crave for foods that are forbidden at that time. Moreover, overcoming the sweet craving is difficult. Therefore, have a small piece cookie after a meal. It is less in calories, and you don’t have to sacrifice such food as well. Apart from this, try to modify recipes that can satisfy taste buds and healthy as well. For example, you can have whole grain pasta or dumplings. Some other healthy options are nuts, fruits, and bakes cookies.


When it comes to sweets, it is unfair to resist sugar carving.  You deserve to enjoy sweet treats and don’t let calories stop it. Therefore, modify recipes and consider the other options as well.

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