What Makes Sugar Free Chocolate Bars Healthy?

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When on a diet, one of the best things that you can have is sugar free chocolate bars. These products are great for those who are watching their waistlines. The reason why they are so great is because they offer us a delicious and nutritious alternative to the regular versions. As an added bonus, there are no artificial ingredients used which means that you know exactly what you are putting in your body. In this article, we will look at some of the different types of these products and what benefits they offer.

Best Overall: Chocopeation’s Milk Chocolate Bar 

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Chocopeation’s Milk Chocolate Bar When you follow a Keto diet, this bar is just perfect for you. It is made from all natural sweeteners and is completely sugar free. There are many flavors available such as Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Almond. This is one of the best sugar free chocolate bars because of the impressive list of vitamins and other nutritional content it offers.

Best On Price

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 Sugar Free Fudge BarThe next best sugar free chocolate bars on the market are made from high grade, organic, raw cacao beans. They have absolutely no artificial sweeteners, colorings or ingredients. The cocoa butter has been totally removed. This allows for a smooth and velvety feel to the bar. The chocolate itself does not have any taste; it’s all natural and organic. The cacao beans were harvested in the rain forests of Brazil and shipped to Europe and the US.


 Chocopeation’s Nutiva Organic Granite Whole BarThe third best sugar free chocolate bar I found is the Chocopeation’s Nutiva Organic Granite Whole Bar. This bar boasts over 60 different cacao flavors! The cacao flavor used in the Chocopeation’s Nutiva Whole Bar comes from organically grown cacao trees grown in the Amazon in Brazil. Because the cacao trees grow more rapidly than traditional cacao farms in places like Peru and Bolivia, the end result is more flavorful and premium beans.

Low Sodium

 These bars contain no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or stabilizers. All ingredients are derived from healthy organic resources. Cocoa butter is sourced from cacao beans, which contain less than 1% of saturated fats. The ingredients are carefully chosen to maintain optimal stability. All ingredients are tested and certified healthy and organic.

Dark Chocolate Made With Real Cocoa butter

 Chocopeation’s Pure Dark Chocolate is made with real cocoa butter from cacao harvested from sustainable, certified cacao farms in the Amazon. Cocoa butter has been used in the food and beverage industry for thousands of years to create many different sweeteners and flavorings. Our mission is to make healthy chocolate, just like it tastes, without using artificial sweeteners or other harmful ingredients that will be harmful to your health. In addition, we don’t add any stabilizers or artificial preservatives to our chocolate. You can see the difference when you taste our chocolate – you’ll know it is made with real cocoa butter.

Summing Up

No Artificial Sweeteners: For years manufacturers have marketed their products as “sugar free” or “chocolate” with no mention of the fact that the product lacks the calories and other nutritional information that come with the ingredient. The biggest issue is that many people simply cannot avoid all sources of sugar, whether through diet or shopping. The chocolate industry understands this and offers several types of chocolate that is low in calories and high in nutrition. Our goal is to offer you the best chocolate you can find without sacrificing your favorite flavors!

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