Variations of the Chocolate Martini

chocolate martini recipe

These sumptuous cocktails were created in the 1890s by an enterprising bar owner in Chicago. While he was away on vacation, his apprentice put the wheels in motion to create a chocolate martini. Today, that same master bartender is back at it again, this time creating chocolate meringue and fudge sauce to top off these scrumptious treats.

Different Recipes For This Popular Drink

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There are literally hundreds of different recipes for this popular drink. Some people choose to add cream or heavy cream drinks to the mix for extra creamy texture. Other people opt for a triple sec or double sec drink, which allows them to incorporate richer chocolate flavors into their meringue. One of the newest ways to make a chocolate martini is with a little peanut butter on top. This adds a nice touch to the drink while still maintaining a light feeling.

The ingredients of a chocolate martini can vary widely. Most people will use a high quality Martini Veneto ice cream or gel mix, mixing it with a Prosecco or other sweet syrupy soft drinks. Many people also enjoy mixing the base of their martini with Vodka or whiskey, or even with Grand Marnier. Most people will have a side to side ratio for their favorite flavor, but the basic recipe requires equal parts of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and sweetened cocoa.

Ways To Enjoy The Indulgence Of A Chocolate Martini

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There are many ways to enjoy the indulgence of a chocolate martini. Most people will have a blast simply enjoying a glass of their favorite drink while watching their favorite sporting events. For those people who prefer to take it to another level, the chocolate Margarita is the ticket. Made with rum, triple sec, Grand Marnier, and chilled frappes, the chocolate Margarita sounds almost perfect. However, people can get very serious about their chocolate indulgences if they are attending sporting events. The chocolate covered pretzels at baseball games are a hit, but bars that offer chocolate covered donuts are also becoming more popular.

Another Fun Way To Consume A Chocolate Martini

Another fun way to consume a chocolate martini is with chocolate fudge sauce. This sauce mixes well with strawberries and cream, making a delicious after dinner treat. Another fun addition to this popular drink is frozen blueberries. Many bars offer this frozen treat in tall glass bottles, which makes this version of the martini superb.

Some people enjoy the chocolate martini a little too much. For these people, the chocolate covered coffee cake makes a great substitute. Coffee cake is typically made with white bread, but some people enjoy experimenting with recipes that include substituting white bread for a healthier option. Any coffee cake made with melted chocolate is sure to be a big hit at any bar where the chocolate martini is served.


In fact, chocolate covered pretzels are among the most popular items on the chocolate menu at restaurants. Bars that offer this treat are popping up all over the country, and people are eating them up. You can find chocolate covered pretzels just about anywhere that chocolate is available, including your local mall or grocery store. For best results, the chocolate must be at room temperature before being consumed. If it is stored at room temperature for too long, it can begin melting.

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