Tips to Make a Delicious Strawberry Covered Chocolate Recipe

strawberry covered chocolate recipe

If you are a fan of strawberry covered chocolate or any other types of chocolate cake then you will be excited to know that there is a strawberry covered chocolate recipe for your taste buds. If you have ever been to a strawberry covered chocolate recipe then you will have no doubt discovered that it tastes just like the real deal and many people swear by them.

First thing that comes to mind when you think of strawberries and chocolate cake is a sweet and creamy flavour but this can easily be changed if you choose a recipe that includes a little more of the flavour. You should make sure though that your recipe is made with real strawberry instead of a fruit that is known to be poisonous.

Chocolate cakes can also be used as decorations on a cake stand, in a cupcake tin, or even on a chocolate covered strawberries bar. A good way to get the right flavour in a recipe is to use fresh strawberries instead of frozen strawberries which may not have the same effect.

Gather All The Ingredients At First

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Before you begin your strawberry covered chocolate cake recipe you will need to gather together the ingredients. Some of the ingredients that you will need are ready-made chocolate chips, chocolate pieces, chopped strawberries, and some non-dairy milk.

In your strawberry covered chocolate cake recipe, you will also need to combine the chocolate with the strawberries. You can either use an actual bar of chocolate or you can just use a pre-made bar. When you have all the ingredients together, you should mix them together until they form a smooth paste. Now you are ready to get started!

Before you start baking your strawberry covered chocolate cake you should allow it to cool completely. This will help to prevent your chocolate from melting and forming into a lumpy mess that will stain your cake.

Follow The Steps

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Once your chocolate has cooled completely, it is time to assemble your strawberry covered chocolate cake. Start by lining the bottom of your cake pan with chocolate pieces. Spread these out evenly on your cake pan and then take the strawberries and put them on top of them.

It is important to spread the chocolate out evenly so that the layers don’t overlap each other. When you are finished spreading your chocolate, you should use another layer of chocolate to fill in any gaps between the layers.

After the second layer of chocolate is on, you should take the cake pan and insert a strawberry into the middle of the first layer. Now you need to continue filling in the strawberry layer by placing another strawberry over the strawberries that are already there.

Keep Adding The Strawberries

Keep adding strawberries in this way until you reach the end of your second layer. At this point, you can remove the last layer of chocolate from the strawberries and then place the strawberry that is left over the chocolate that you used at the beginning of your recipe. onto the top layer of the cake.

You should repeat this process for the next layer of strawberries and the last one of chocolate. The last layer of strawberries will be your top layer.

To make the strawberry covered chocolate cake even, you should trim the excess chocolate that may have spilled onto the sides of the cake. After the layer of strawberries is finished, you can now fill in the remaining space with chocolate pieces and you will have your own strawberry covered chocolate covered cake! For this reason, it’s always best to have enough chocolate in the mix so that you don’t run out of space for dessert later.

Bottom Line

It is important to keep in mind though that this strawberry covered chocolate cake can be made at home without using ready-made chocolate. All you have to do to keep the flavour coming through is to add more strawberries. If you want your strawberry chocolate cake to taste more authentic, just dip your strawberries into the melted chocolate to create a chocolate fondue.

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