The Comprehensive Guide To Low Calorie Chocolate Recipes

low calorie chocolate protein balls

For people on a diet, low calorie and low fat diets are often met with frustration over the inability to stick with them. Not only do you have to starve yourself but you are also limited to the types of food that you can eat. You can no longer munch on cheese or meatballs but these two foods are very high in calories. It can be almost impossible to get your daily requirements of protein and good carbohydrates down to the right amounts without cheating.

Look For The Low Fat Foods

Low Calorie Chocolate

One way to get around this problem is to eat low calorie and low fat versions of the foods you love. For example, instead of munching on a chocolate chip cookie you can make yourself a low calorie chocolate chip cookie instead. Making cookies is really easy. You can purchase low-calorie ingredients online or you can make them yourself. It really takes about three to four hours of work and you can still come up with delicious cookies.

Making The Low-Calorie Chocolate Protein Bar

Low Calorie Chocolate

To make a low-calorie chocolate protein bar you will need: low calorie chocolate, some peanut butter, and some protein powder. You can also use low calorie whipped topping or ice cream if you don’t want to use the protein powder. Mix all of your ingredients together and heat in your microwave for about thirty seconds. When it is done you will have a nutritious bar that is delicious and good for you.

You can make a low-calorie chocolate recipe using the protein powder as well. Just mix in about one tablespoon of the powder and some low calorie chocolate. Use low-calorie chocolate bars as a snack or in place of chocolate candy bars when you are trying to lose weight. You can also use low calorie chocolate mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese for a delicious low calorie dessert.

Low-Calorie Icecream Versions Are Also Good

Low calorie and low fat versions of ice cream treats are available as well. One tasty combination is to freeze half a cup of milk, three ounces of vanilla extract, four ounces of chocolate, and one cup of low calorie chocolate protein powder. Turn this mixture into a frozen dessert and serve. Another delicious combination is to freeze a cup of skim milk, three ounces of chocolate, and one cup of vanilla extract. Run this mixture through a food processor until it is a smooth paste.

If you enjoy making sweets for people on a diet you may enjoy these low calorie chocolate desserts as well. The key is to not leave the peanut butter out. Add low calorie sweeteners, including stevia and agave nectar to the mix as well. These desserts are healthy, low calorie, and have lots of protein in them.

The Best Low-Calorie Recipes You Can Enjoy

You can also make low calorie chocolate eclair cookies. This recipe uses almond butter instead of regular butter. Using low calorie sweeteners will add a lot of flavor and moistness to the cookie. These delicious cookies are great for a night-time snack or to take with you on a picnic.

If you really want to go all out, try to make low calorie chocolate egg whites. Try combining two eggs, one cup of low fat yogurt, one tablespoon of vanilla, and a whole lot of low calorie powdered protein. Mix it all together and roll out the mixture – now you have egg whites. Elisha wants you to try these recipes!

If you are in the mood to treat yourself to some chocolate, try a chocolate eclair. Take two egg whites and pour half of a cup of low fat milk into the egg whites and stir. Turn it over so the milk drips into the bowl. Next, add three or four tablespoons of low-calorie chocolate. You can eat them plain or you can add some fruit, nuts, or granola for a little extra chocolate taste.

If you don’t like the idea of having to settle for store bought low calorie protein powder, you can create your own at home. There are many recipes online that can help you make your own low carb chocolate protein balls. Simply follow the instructions to the letter and you’ll be fine. The other option is to purchase them and mix them up at home. This isn’t always as easy as creating your own, but if you’re looking for low cost and high protein, this is probably the best option for you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can have a low calorie treat without eating a bunch of calories in the process. These protein balls are great for any time, but especially after a workout because they keep you feeling full even if you’re not eating. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks and have fun at the same time, protein balls may be just the thing for you!

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