The Chocolate Macaron Recipe You Should Try At Home

chocolate macaron recipe

If done right, the delicious taste that comes with chocolate macarons is one to savour. Biting through the crispy outer layer to get to chewy inside is worth the while. However, making these cookies can prove difficult, especially if you don’t know how to go about it.

Even if you don’t feel like it, you should follow a recipe step by step so as to make the perfect macarons. Making chocolate macarons is more about the steps you follow than the ingredients you use. The French macaron recipe has been tested and trusted. Hence, we discuss the chocolate macaron recipe you should try at home.

Ingredients You Need To Make Chocolate Macarons

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To make the perfect chocolate macarons, you need to have the following ingredients at hand;

Almond flour;

Powdered sugar;

Cocoa Powder;

Aged Egg Whites;

Vanilla Extract;

Granulated Sugar;


Almond flour is the base ingredient. With the egg white, the flour provides the structure, flavor and texture needed to make the cookies. The sugar brings the taste of sweetness, with the cocoa powder serving as the inner chocolate. Vanilla extract and salt provides extra flavor.

Steps To Follow To Make Chocolate Macarons

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The first step is to seive the mixture of cocoa powder, powdered sugar, almond flour and salt. Then, place the resulting mixture in a food processor to completely mix the ingredients. Pulse at least 8 times to get a fine texture for the almond flour mixture.

Start whipping your egg whites until they turn frothy. As you whip with the whisk attachment, add in the granulated sugar. Continue mixing until the mixture turns white. Make sure you see lines forming in the meringue before adding your cream. Continue whipping until it forms glossy peaks. Then, add in your extract and food coloring.

Continue whipping until the meringue turns dense at stiff peaks. Then add in one-third of your almond flour mixture, and fold with a spatula going around the bowl edges and then cutting through the center. Repeat this process until there’s no dry spots.

Add in the remaining almond flour and continue folding until you’re sure you’ve folded all the flour mixture into the egg white mixture. Make sure no air is trapped in the batter. Place your pioing baf into a cup and pour in your batter.

You can then pipe your batter on parchment paper and bake. Leave the macaron at room temperature until a crust forms over the top.


Making the perfect chocolate macaron doesn’t come easy. You not only have to get the ingredients needed but also follow the steps as stated in the recipe. We discuss the chocolate macaron recipe you should try at home.

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