The Best Recipe & Tips To Make Hot Chocolate From Scratch

making hot chocolate from scratch

This recipe is quick, delicious, and a complete bliss at the same time. To make a classic rich Hot Chocolate from Scratch, you need nothing but just a few ingredients, which are easily and all-time available in your kitchen closet, and Voila! The cup of rich aroma and a creamy, chocolaty taste is all that you can have to uplift your mood and spirit.

The Ingredients Index

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There are specifically multiple recipes available across the globe to make Hot Chocolate from Scratch, but we are sharing our personal take on this super exotic beverage. Here’s the list of all you need to brew it up.

Any Milk of your choice (preferably full-fat whole milk)

Two teaspoons Sugar

Two tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Two tablespoons Shredded Chocolate

Few drops of Vanilla Extract

Some Chocochips

Marshmallows (for topping)

How To Whip It Up?

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The method to make a perfect Hot Chocolate from Scratch is here:

Pour the appropriate amount of milk to a saucepan and place it over a medium-low flame.

Add Sugar and Cocoa Powder, and give it a nice stir until it’s dissolved completely. Bring it to a boil and Switch off the flame.

Mix chopped chocolate and two tbsp of hot milk in a bowl and whisk together.

Add this melted chocolate mixture to the milk in the Saucepan and whisk nicely to a smooth consistency.

Add a splash of Vanilla Extract and a few choco chips to add a texture.

Pour the hot chocolate in a mug and top with marshmallows and cocoa powder, and chocolate shavings.

This information is all that you need to do to get a dreamy creamy cup of Hot Chocolate made from scratch to ooze your winter evenings and warm up your mind.

A very important tip here. Serve it extremely Hot!

Tempting Toppings To Go For

If you’re one creative soul, then the kitchen is all yours!

Basically, one authentic way is trying it out with Marshmallows, but then anything can go either. You can try some roughly broken oreo cookies or whole mini oreo cookie chips to enhance the chocolatey darkness. Some more choco chips on top would add some glaze. Whipped cream is also a great option if you like it a bit milkier side. Some other options to try are melted chocolate-filled wafer sticks, candy bars, whole chocolate sticks, and till where your imagination could go beyond.

Tips To Make It a Heavenly Experience

Since it’s about making Hot Chocolate from Scratch, let’s keep it simple.

Use fresh whole full-fat milk free from preservatives for a better quality of Hot Chocolate.

Keep an eye on the consistency of milk as it should neither be too thin nor too thick.

Always use the best quality compound chocolate or incase of powdered chocolate. It’s always better to use the best quality chocolate only.


To make Hot Chocolate from Scratch is a true temptation. What could be better than satisfying your craving for creamy, chocolaty pleasure using few ingredients which are always there hanging around on your kitchen shelves. This recipe is made by perfectly combining the rich aroma of Cocoa with a deep creamy, chocolaty flavor of chocolate which makes it irresistible.

So follow this recipe to get Hot Chocolate from Scratch, experiencing pleasure loaded with sweetness and bliss.

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