The Best Fondue Chocolate Recipe To Try -

The Best Fondue Chocolate Recipe To Try

Fondue Chocolate Recipe

Having guests come over? Or a picnic day out? Or a date night? Or maybe a craving for a chocolate dessert? And have no time to prepare it? That is where a perfect rich chocolate fondue has got your back!

Chocolate fondue is the easiest and the most yum recipe you need to satisfy your heart craving for chocolates and going wild.

So to keep your heart happy or to serve your guests with this happiness, here is a very rich, creamy, and delicious fondue chocolate recipe.

Guide To Perfect Fondue Chocolate Recipe

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To Make The Fondue, You Will Need The Following Ingredients

3/4 cup heavy cream

8 1/4 Oz Semi-Sweet Chocolate

1 tbsp Butter

1 tbsp Vanilla Extract

Liquor (optional)


To make rich chocolate fondue, you first need to put the cream on a nonstick pan and give it a half boil. Make sure to do it on medium flame throughout.

When the cream has reached a thin consistency, add the chocolate to it; make sure to chop the chocolate into small pieces before adding it.

Now stir the mixture for one minute, then add butter to it. Continue stirring until the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture has become completely brown.

In the end, add vanilla extract and liquor of your choice to it and turn off the flame.

Let the fondue cool and transfer it to the serving bowl.

Enjoy it with fruits and cakes of your choice.

Points To Remember

1. The flame remains medium throughout.

2. You don’t need to choose semi-sweet chocolate necessarily and can use any chocolate of your choice.

3. If you find the fondue to be bitter, you can add sugar to it.

4. If the fondue is thicker than you expected, add some milk and water as required to reach the right consistency.

5. For some extra booze, you can add any flavored liquor of your choice. Lemon, orange, cinnamon, or even chocolate-flavored will be a perfect choice if you need an extra chocolate punch.

Emergency Fondue Chocolate Recipe

For when guests are on the door knocking it. And when you are short on all the supplies/ingredients. Here’s a quick recipe to prepare chocolate fondue in just a couple of minutes.

For this quick recipe, all you need is-

10 Oz Chocolate

1 1/4 cups Heavy Cream

Now all you need is to mix the two ingredients and cook it till the chocolate melts. Do not forget to stir it all the time. It helps the chocolate melt faster. And your chocolate fondue will be ready in no time!

Final Thoughts

You can have anything to everything with this fondue. Any fruits of your choice, be it strawberries, bananas, apples, pineapples or even oranges, and many more. Or you can always have it with any cakes you like or even with marshmallows or cookies or pretzels or brownies. Here was the simplest and the easiest fondue chocolate recipe for all chocolate lovers out there.

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