Super Easy And Amazing Low-Calorie Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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This low-calorie chocolate mousse recipe will receive a lot of popularity since these mousses are the first pick of children lately and so of the parents. The best and most fascinating part about this dessert recipe is that you can make it healthier along with enjoying all the goodness of a traditional chocolate mousse. While tasting it, you won’t come to know that it contains Greek yogurt. When mixed with other ingredients, it simply adds a tang to it. The consistency remains the same. The chocolate mousse is still creamy and rich with that classy whipped texture. Although it is one of the easy desserts you can make at home, it surprises people every time they taste it. Nowadays, it is served in most of the restaurants ending up your meal with the best and rich chocolate flavors, and also it’s lighter, making it easy to finish. Many renowned restaurants have also made it their complimentary dish after a meal. Lately, it is getting increasingly popular whether it be children or their parents. 

Know About The Low-Calorie Chocolate Mousse Recipe 

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Our lighter take on this super easy low-calorie chocolate mousse recipe uses only three ingredients and tastes just the same. Come along. 


  • 100-gram high-quality dark chocolate, which should be chopped and few shavings for decoration
  • Four large free-range egg whites 
  • 50 grams fat-free Greek yogurt
  • 4×200 ml ramekin 


  1. Take a good-quality heatproof bowl and place it over the pan of barely simmering water for melting the chocolate. Pay attention that bol should not touch the water. Stir randomly until melted and set aside to cool slightly. 
  2. Now, put the egg whites in a large, clean bowl, and with the help of an electric hand mixer, whisk to medium-stiff peaks. Stir the curd or yogurt into the melted chocolate until properly mixed. 
  3. Using a regular spatula or a large metal spoon, mix a spoonful of the whisked egg whites into the chocolate mixture to loosen, then carefully fold in the remaining egg white. 
  4. Here comes the last step of this amazing low-calorie chocolate mousse recipe. Divide it equally among the ramekins and chill for four hours before serving. After cooling, decorate the mousses with a few chocolate shavings. 

Some Delicious Tips 

  • To make decorative chocolate shavings, run the chocolate bar down a vegetable peeler. Beat leftover yolks with a pinch of salt or sugar and freeze in a food bag. 
  • The mousse can be kept for several days covered with a cling film in the fridge. 
  • We didn’t use the sugar and put into use a good quality dark chocolate instead of sweetened chocolate and added fat-free Greek yogurt for the creamy texture. 

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What are you waiting for? Rush to try this super amazing and super easy low-calorie chocolate mousse recipe. You are surely going to like it. 

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