Sugar Free Hot Chocolate K Cups – Is There Really Such a Thing

sugar free hot chocolate k cups

A great substitute for regular hot chocolate is the sugar free version. You can enjoy this delicious drink while still cutting out the sugar that helps raise your calorie intake. As with all substitutes though, there are some things that you need to know.

Not Always Sugar Free

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First, sugar free hot chocolate k cups are not always sugar free. The chocolate is typically reduced with other ingredients. For instance, if you were to buy the regular kind, you might find that the cocoa powder is also reduced with agave nectar. While it is possible to find sugar free versions of hot chocolate k cups, they usually lack the cocoa powder and agave nectar, which mean you will not be enjoying a true cocoa taste.

To be sure that you are getting a true sugar free beverage, look for the words “all natural” or “organic” on the label. Natural or organic products do not use artificial ingredients or preservatives. In addition, organic varieties are grown without using pesticides or herbicides. The absence of chemicals helps reduce the overall chemical footprint of the food. Just make sure to read the labels to ensure that the sugar free version does not have artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin.

Includes Stevia In Their Products

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Many brands of sugar free k cups include Stevia in their products. This natural esweetener has been shown to help reduce weight since it increases your metabolism. It also helps curb cravings by interfering with the brain’s center for pleasure. While there are plenty of other healthy ingredients, including plenty of fiber and protein, Stevia is the only ingredient that can give you 100% of the calories you burn without consuming any guilty pleasure. Not all brands, even the more expensive ones, contain Stevia.

As noted, the sugar content in most brands of sugar free hot chocolate k cups can vary from one brand to another. Most of them contain a certain amount of sugar to compensate for the added flavor. However, as a general rule, the less sugar you find in your product, the better. It is healthier for you to consume less sugar and fat, which can be found in junk food and sugar in baked goods, than it is to consume more sugar, which can be found in everything from sugar-filled pastries to granola bars and ice cream. Stevia is available in both a powdered and liquid form and should be an ingredient in your search for a sugar-free hot cocoa beverage.

Benefits To Choosing Sugar Free K Cups

There are lots of benefits to choosing sugar free k cups over traditional versions. For one thing, the sugar alternative is generally lower in calories and doesn’t contribute to tooth decay, as much as traditional sweeteners do. In addition, sugar-free foods don’t tend to taste as bad as their sugar-filled counterparts, so you can perk up your taste buds without sacrificing your waistline.


If you’re trying to lose weight or manage your diet, adding sugar free k cups to your diet may be just what you need. They are easy to make (if you have a coffee maker, that is) and can offer you plenty of healthy, sugar-free hot cocoa, if you enjoy the beverage but don’t want to end up eating it as well. For many people, the only problem with sugar free k cups is not knowing where to find them. Sure, there are plenty of health food stores that carry them, but you’re looking at a lot of waste when buying them. K cups can go bad before you even get around to drinking them. Fortunately, you can buy online and save yourself time, trouble and sugar.

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