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Sugar Free Chocolate Milk With Quinoa

Sugar Free Chocolate Milk

Description: Sugar Free Chocolate Milk With Quinoa is a delicious sweet treat for everyone who loves chocolate and loves good health. Description: A milk chocolate flavor with quinoa adds the creamy, smooth taste of high quality chocolate to the dieter. This makes quinoa quenching enough for both type I and type 2 diabetics to enjoy when they need a delicious and healthy alternative to their regular chocolate. The chocolate is made using cocoa solids that have been finely ground to fine powder then added with sugar, cocoa butter and water.

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Understanding The Flavor

The milk chocolate flavor is very subtle and the taste is not overly sweet. It tastes more like dark chocolate than milk chocolate but has not lost its creamy texture. The sweet, nutty flavors from the quinoa add richness to this creamy dessert and the whole combination is simply irresistible. It is very low in calories and sugar with only about three grams per serving.

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Sugar Free Chocolate With Quinoa provides the diabetic looking for an alternative to their sugar-laden diet with a healthy, low calorie and sugar-free alternative. This makes it a great option for people who have trouble sticking to a low sugar or low calorie diet. This can also help people who struggle with diabetes or hypoglycemia as well.

The sugar free chocolate milk with quinoa flavor is an ideal solution for people with diabetes or any other type of medical condition that can make sweets seem out of reach. There is no sugar added in this product and all the sugar is removed by using pure, all natural ingredients found in nature such as quinoa.

How Quinoa Is The Best Sugar Free Chocolate Treat

If you are searching for a sugar free chocolate treat, consider giving quinoa a try. The rice and buckwheat used in quinoa have natural fiber that will help your digestion and make you feel fuller longer. When you stop eating chocolate and feel full all day, you may be less tempted to snack and eat too much sugar. Quinoa also contains protein that is perfect for your body building program as it can help boost your muscle building.

Best Healthy Snack For Diabetics

Sugar free chocolate milk with quinoa makes a healthy snack for diabetics because it is naturally sweet without having to use any artificial sweeteners. Unlike sugar-packed candy bars and other food products that contain hidden sugars, quinoa has none. Also, because it is natural, you do not have to worry about the high amounts of salt or fats that are typically found in regular candy bars. When you add quinoa to sugar free milk chocolate, you can enjoy a healthier, sugar-free treat that is good for you without feeling guilty.

This is a very versatile diet food and also a great alternative for those who are not able to stick to a particular diet or exercise routine. With sugar free chocolate milk with quinoa, you can enjoy a delicious sweet treat that is completely sugar free without the extra calories.


Because sugar free chocolate milk with quinoa is made with the rice and buckwheat found in quinoa, it has more protein than any other type of chocolate available on the market. In addition to helping you feel fuller longer, you will also enjoy a tastier chocolate treat.

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