Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – How to Make a Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie

soft chocolate chip cookie recipe

How could we not have a soft chocolate chip cookie recipe in our kitchen? It just makes sense! I mean chocolate, it is one of life’s guilty pleasures. We have all indulged in it at some point or another. It is like peanut butter and jelly – almost.

So what makes a good recipe? The perfect cookie should be soft and rich. Those are both the main criteria, at least in my opinion. Those that are too chewy need to be trimmed with a knife, especially if they are decorated with an enamel coating. Those that are not chewy enough need to be cooked on the bottom of the baking sheet. Those that are not cooked on the bottom also tend to have a less chewy texture.

An Overview

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There must be a balance between the thickness of the dough and the amount of melted butter used in the recipe. Thin cookies are usually flaky while ones that are thicker have a more crunchy texture. A cookie that is too thick will have a taste that is too rich. A thin layer of butter can hide the flavor of the dough while allowing it to stick to the pan. I would recommend working in half omegas in this regard, depending on your personal preference.

Another factor to consider is the texture of the baked cookie dough. Some people like their cookies to have a spring back to them while others prefer them soft and chewy. Try out a soft chocolate chip cookie recipe and experiment with different kinds of ingredients. You may find one that you will simply love.

I generally like a chocolate-coated sugary cereal mix for my cookies. It is nice to come across a dessert that has a low calorie and sugar content, but one that also tastes good! The only downfall to using this mix in my soft chocolate chip cookie recipe is that it does tend to taste a bit acidic. This may not be an issue for those who do not care for sweet desserts in general.

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

If you choose to use sugar in your recipe, you can omit it entirely. This makes the cookies very mild in flavor, and they are better for people who are watching their cholesterol levels. To change up the flavor and texture, you can add nuts, raisins, or even dried fruits. You can also make the dough softer by using less sugar in your dough.

If you find that your favorite soft chocolate chip cookie recipe is too sweet, you can switch it up by swapping out some of the confectioners’ sugar. There are lots of varieties of sugar out there, so you should easily be able to find replacements. You can also use brown rice syrup as a sweetener in place of Splenda. You can also use natural whey or egg protein powder as a replacement for eggs. This makes the recipe even more vegan friendly.

If you choose to use eggs, be sure to remove the yolks before adding them to the recipe. Using eggs in a no-sugar recipe usually results in very rich cookies. Use applesauce or non-fat sour cream to thicken the batter and you will have a tasty treat that will keep you coming back for more.

In The End

After preparing your ingredients, the next step is baking. For this recipe, I prefer to make my cookies fresh and that is why I use a glass bowl on my stand mixer, which is all that is needed for baking these delicious cookies. Allow your mixture to boil for one hour before removing from the oven and cooling completely. Once cooled, your cookie will be ready to enjoy. These cookies are so soft that you will only be able to bite into one and will remain soft for hours!

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