Recipe For Low Calorie Chocolate Syrup To Try -

Recipe For Low Calorie Chocolate Syrup To Try

low calorie chocolate syrup

Chocolate syrup is one of the most versatile things that you can have at home as you can put it on any dessert. It tastes amazing with ice cream and also brownies. There are some people who love to put it on almost every dessert that they eat but it comes with its set of harms. Traditional chocolate syrup has plenty of calories that can make you unhealthy so you must have it in moderation. But there are some recipes of low calories chocolate syrup that you can try so that you can eat the syrup without any health issues.

You have to find an alternative for the sugar as that is one of the most harmful ingredients in the syrup. Here is a recipe for the low calories chocolate syrup that you can try so that your desserts taste better and you do not put your health in jeopardy. All the ingredients of this syrup can be found easily so you do not need to worry about that at all. Also, it is very easy to make so you do not need to put in too much effort and it will also save your time which is great.


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Unsweetened Cocoa Powder- about ¾ cup

Water, Milk, or Almond Milk- about 1 ¼ cup

Sugar Alternative/ Stevia- about ½ cup

Vanilla Extract- about 2 teaspoons

How To Make it

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You first have to add the cocoa powder and the liquid of your choice to a pan.

You have to put the pan on heat and whisk the two ingredients properly so that there are no chunks as that does not taste nice and it will not make a nice consistency.

When this whole mixture starts boiling then reduce the flame to low or medium and then let it stay the same for about three to four minutes and do not stop whisking to ensure that it stays smooth and nice.

Then remove this boiling mixture from the heat and allow it to stay for about three to four minutes.

Add in the sugar alternative and the vanilla extract and mix it properly to ensure that it is evenly spread.

You can make this and keep it in your refrigerator for about two to three weeks and pour it on whatever you like.

How Much Time It Takes

The prep time for the whole dish is about two minutes and you will need about 15 minutes to cook it up. You can serve it hot as well as cold and it is your choice. It can be served with ice cream, cake and brownie and it will taste amazing with all of them.


There are always healthier alternatives for tasty things that you can easily cook at home and this is one such recipe. You can easily cook it and have it with desserts without feeling guilty. It is one of the best recipes that you must try if you are a health freak but you cannot do without the chocolate syrup. You will love the taste and the flavors that it brings with it and you will ask for more.

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