Ready To Try The Best Healthy Cookies?

Healthy Cookie Recipe: How You Can Prepare?

The healthy cookies recipe is simple and easy to make in your kitchen. Provided you need the right ingredients and tools to make them. In this post, we will read about some tips and recipes about preparing cookies using healthy food items.

Few Healthy Cookies Recipes

Chocolate cookies go exceptionally well with ice cream. If you are looking for a way to prepare a dessert with no time left on your hands, then the cookie with chocolate ice cream can you’re your night.

When preparing cookies, you need to keep an eye on the amount of flour used. If you have not ready cookies before, then you will want to know that less than half cup flour is ideal for a batch.

You can verify this fact in cookie or baking forums. There are plenty of internet sources, from where you can find quality information on healthy ingredients used when cooking. These days health is one of the most sought after topics on social media.

Ingredients For A Healthy Cookie Recipe

You can find what you are looking for about food items on this delicious cookie. Now, we present to you an exciting recipe that you can prepare. You will need some baking powder, salt, all-purpose flour, chopped cocoa chocolate, eggs, and some butter.

Healthy Cookie Recipe: How You Can Prepare?

You also require some vanilla extract, chocolate chips, walnuts, and little granulated sugar. To prepare a healthy dish, we would recommend you to use less butter. You can consider using wheat flour also if possible.

To prepare the dish, you need to preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Place two racks inside the oven for baking purpose. It depends on the quantity of batter you eventually end up using or preparing.

Take a mixing bowl and add the dry in ingredients in there, which are salt, flour, and baking powder. You can either use a fork or whisker to mix it thoroughly. Add some butter and chocolate in a bowl and place it on hot water.

Some Tips To Make Them Delicious

That is to melt the chocolate. You can also use the microwave to do that, but this is the traditional method because you can keep an eye on the melting process. You do not want the chocolate to melt completely.

Now mix the sugar, eggs, and vanilla in another bowl. Stir them together and place the bowl directly on a skillet. This should be a heatproof bowl mind you. The nut, chocolate chips, and flour can be mixed in the bowl.

Healthy Cookie Recipe: How You Can Prepare?
Healthy Cookie Recipe: How You Can Prepare?

Take few scoops of the batter using a large spoon and place them on cookie sheets. You can bake them for 12 minutes. They should be cooked thoroughly. You can find that until they have become dry on the outside and warm on the inside.

They can be cooled and had. These food items last for a few days at the most. You can keep them inside air-tight containers for two days. There are options always out there for you. It is just that we need to go out and reach for them.

The need to feel bad and guilty about yourself when consuming cookies is no longer required. You can prepare healthy dishes now without ruining or affecting your health.

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