Popular Brands Of Chocolates From The UK

chocolate brands

Chocolate has been one of man’s favorite things for many decades. The thought of chocolate brings a smile to almost everyone’s face. You will often find chocolate bars or any form of chocolate cake at the holiday table. In addition to being one of America’s favorite foods, chocolate is also one of the most popular household ingredients.

Hershey Chocolate

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Some names may not be familiar to you, however taken in context, they’re considered to be good quality chocolate, particularly in the niche of the globe they originated in. Let’s take a look at a few of the best chocolate brands in the world. Nestle is a major brand with chocolate bars, in-between cakes and other snacks. Hershey is known as the “Hershey Chocolate” of the world. Both are family owned and operated, providing a wide variety of chocolate treats.

This next on the list is Swiss Thins. Swiss Thins are a chocolate brand that started in Switzerland. The chocolate was created in a laboratory by Richard Schnee, a chocolate expert, who created a thin chocolate bar. These have become some of the best tasting chocolates available. The Swiss Thins were so popular that they bought the rights to sell them all over the world.


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Nestle’s chocolate brand is made from the finest milk and cream. They offer several types, including chocolate milk shakes, chocolate kisses, and chocolate ice cream. Hershey is a giant in confectionery, with their own unique line of chocolates. Their most popular brand is chocolate almond scented lip balm, which is popular all over the country.

Hershey is not the only brand you can find if you want to taste great chocolate. There are a large number of specialty confectionery makers that produce handmade confections with top-notch ingredients. If you want to experience a homemade treat, confections made by these makers will truly knock your socks off. These chocolate brands are worth checking out if you plan to give chocolates as gifts to friends and family.

Valrhona Chocolate

Of course, nothing gets people into chocolate more than the famous Valrhona. This is a line of chocolate made from all-natural organic ingredients. For example, you can get chocolate bars infused with pure cocoa, wild Mexican chocolate and African mangoes. Some Valrhona chocolate brands also offer chocolate dipped apples and other fruits.

Other chocolate brands have expanded their chocolate offering to include some exotic flavors not found in the United States. One of these flavors is called Tiramisu and is a highly-charged Italian olfactory blend. It has strong vanilla aromatics and a light sweetness that really cut through the sweetness of this particular chocolate bar. Some other chocolate brands that taste like tiramisu include: Blue Mountains Mints, Dolce Amore, Emme D’or and Florentine Amour.

Summing Up

There are many more brands of chocolate out there from some of the most famous chocolatiers in the world. These are just a few of the popular brands that are made in the United Kingdom. These companies are constantly growing and changing the way they make chocolate to make it more delicious and affordable for consumers all over the world. In fact, more people are now turning to British-made chocolate over American-made chocolate because of these chocolate brands.

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