Most Loved Low Calorie Chocolate Smoothie Recipes

Low Calorie Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate smoothies are every chocolate lover’s delight. Chocolate is highly criticized for being unhealthy but shear cocoa is a nutrient-packed powder that can boost up your immunity and increase your mind power as well. And what can be better than a chocolate smoothie to relieve your stress and give your mind a kick. Here are some amazing recipes to let you enjoy a guilt-free chocolate relish.

Low Calorie Chocolate Smoothie With Almond Milk

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This smoothie is loved by vegans and people who are fond of chocolate. Take one cup of almond milk, ½ tsp of cocoa powder (not the sugary chocolate), ½ tsp of cinnamon powder (this sweetens your smoothie), ½ tsp of protein powder and 2-3 ice cubes. This perfect blend is low on carbs and gives you the required protein booster energy after a quick workout. If you are not a vegan you can replace the almond milk with cow milk and have it. That would add on a bit of carb but will still be low calorie as there is no white sugar in it.

Low Calorie Chocolate Smoothie With Banana

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Yet another superfood with wrong notions around it. Yes, bananas are a superfood that can help you both lose or gain weight. Banana smoothie can be a perfect smoothie for you if you are a fruit lover and love fusion recipes. Take 1 whole banana, one cup of almond milk/coconut milk/regular dairy milk, ½ cocoa powder, you may add cinnamon but with banana it is not really needed. Add any sweetening agent like honey or stevia for taste. Here you go!

Low Calorie Chocolate Smoothie With Peanut Butter

Who would say no to peanut butter! Smoothie and butter are things that automatically turn your mood on. Mere visualisation of these delicacies increases the dopamine level. So, let’s have some low calorie chocolate smoothie with peanut butter on our table. Take 1 cup of almond milk, ½ tsp of cocoa powder, 1 tsp of peanut butter (be generous), ½ tsp of cinnamon. Garnish your smoothie with some crumbs of crushed almonds and you are done. Enjoy your smoothie right in the morning or after a tiring day, you will be refreshed again.

Low Calorie Chocolate Smoothie With Some Greens

This smoothie is for those who love some greens. Baby spinach goes perfect with this low calorie chocolate smoothie. Take one cup of almond milk or coconut milk (this smoothie tastes best with coconut milk). Take ½ tsp of cocoa powder, ½ tsp of cinnamon powder, ½ cup of baby spinach and blend them altogether to make the perfect smoothie. Garnish it with crushed almonds and a pinch of coffee powder.


Chocolate smoothies are a perfect combination of health and taste for people of all ages. One should not hold back when offered a chocolate smoothie. Smoothie with no sugar or very less sugar are good for health. Sometimes, a small amount of caffeine isn’t bad as well. Smoothies are best as post-workout meals when made with an addition of protein powder. So, try these amazing recipes for a fabulous morning everyday.

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