Making Chocolate Milk With Cocoa Powder – Learn About The Procedure

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Chocolate shakes and milkshakes are everyone’s favorite. Children mostly love chocolaty kinds of stuff. Hence, chocolate milk is something that would definitely help children to go for the tasty chocolate craving along with the richness of milk. It’s a perfect way to help a child get the required milk supplements because plain milk is something that is not usually liked by children. Now, the amazing chocolate milk can be made at home by just following the simple steps and with the available ingredients at home. The below recipe for Making Chocolate Milk With Cocoa Powder is really easy to make that would be a great beverage for family gatherings too. Do check it out. 

Making Chocolate Milk With Cocoa Powder – Ingredients Needed

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To get hands-on the perfect recipe for making chocolate milk, the following ingredients are needed. 

A glass of milk (any serving glass)

Unsweetened cocoa powder (nearly 1Tbsp) 


Decoration: Chocolate chips, or Chocolate Sprinkles. 

With just the above three ingredients one would be able to taste the amazingly delicious chocolate milk in the world. 

Making Chocolate Milk With Cocoa Powder – Preparation Time

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The preparation for just one glass of chocolate milk takes about three to five minutes which is a way too quick and easy-going process. 

Making Chocolate Milk With Cocoa Powder – Steps To Make The Chocolate Milkshake 

The quick easy steps for Making Chocolate Milk With Cocoa Powder with readily available ingredients and kitchen tools are as follows: 

Firstly, three of the ingredients are taken. The sugar is made into a fine powder using a mixer. 

The second step is to take out the electric blender. The cocoa powder now needs to be poured into the milk taking a small amount each time. While adding cocoa powder one must make sure to continuously keep blending the mixture.

The next step is to add the prepared powdered sugar into the mixture and again blending is done. 

One must make sure to blend the milk and the ingredients in it until foamy texture or bubbles are seen on top of it. Over blending of the milk would not give out a perfect taste. 

The milkshake is ready to serve now. For decoration, one might use chocolate chips or Choco sprinkles on top of the foam to give a great look to it. 


This amazingly mouth-watering awesome chocolate milk recipe is great and tastes just like the packed or restaurant milkshake. This recipe can be used to prepare both hot chocolate milkshakes and cold milkshakes. The trick is just to take cold milk or add some ice cubes to the milk to make it a cold milkshake. The milk can be cooked for a short period of time to make it hot enough to get the hot chocolate milk recipe. This is a must-try beverage recipe at home that is super easy to make that is almost liked by everyone from children to adults. This is a perfect drink for a fine evening with your friends and you might want to try this next time you are calling for party.

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