Low Calorie Desserts You Will Truly Enjoy

Low Calorie Dessert: Tips To Prepare Them

Low calorie desserts does not have to be dull and boring. You can prepare them for the comfort of your home. You need always to make use of milk that comes with low-fat content for your desserts. The low calorie dessert is very healthy for your health.

The calories can be lowered, but you can opt for skimmed milk or low-fat milk. There are also healthier versions of milk like almond milk and soy milk. They are perfect for health. Though it can be acquired taste, it is ideal for elders.

Tips And Ideas To Cook Low-Calorie Desserts

When preparing desserts for them occasionally, you can make use of the soy or almond milk for them. They would appreciate your thoughts. The need to consume high calories desserts is not always there.

Once in a while, it is fine and alright. When your recipe requires you to pour in a full cup of a food ingredient, then you can reduce it to a half cup — the same with cheese and butter that commonly used in desserts. You can also make use of low-fat ingredients.

Hence, reducing the quantity of a particular food ingredient that you feel is going to make you put on weight, will not hurt the cause of the dessert.

Here is an excellent recipe that meant just for you. We provide to you the banana and walnut muffins with yogurt — muffins considered as creamy and heavy. But we promise you that this is not the same kind.

Low Calorie Dessert: Tips To Prepare Them

The banana and walnut muffins with yogurt come with flavour and health. To prepare this muffin dish, you need some rice flour; you can also make use of whole wheat flour if you like. You also need some flaxseed, baking soda, baking powder, and some oatmeal.

Mix all of them in a mixing bowl and leave aside. Now, you will want to take another bowl and add few beaten eggs in there, banana, yogurt, grapeseed oil and syrup. You can do away with the sugar if you want to reduce the calorie intake of this dish.

Tips For Baking

Now, you need to mix both the mixtures into muffin cups. Here is a health tip. You can make use of some walnuts to make it healthier. Place the muffin cups inside a preheated oven at 380 degrees F for 20 minutes.

It should take between 22 minutes for 4-6 muffin cups, not more. However, you will want to keep an eye on the baking going on inside. When it is ready, you need to remove the muffin cups only after 15 minutes; this is the cooling period.

Low Calorie Dessert: Tips To Prepare Them
Low Calorie Dessert: Tips To Prepare Them

Insert a toothpick to ensure that it thoroughly cooked on the inside. Your beautiful dish prepared. Muffins can have at any time of the day. There are ideal for snacks, too during tea. The above points were some ideas and tips for healthy eating.

Desserts do not have to have heavy dishes after consuming heavy meals. The idea is to have that sweet flavour with some health and goodness in there. You will also want to do yourself a favour and learn more about preparing healthy desserts from the internet.

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