Low Calorie Chocolate Pie For Weight Loss

low calorie chocolate pie

There is no arguing that desserts and low calorie pies are some of the tastiest desserts to be had for any occasion, however the health conscious amongst us may be questioning whether or not a low calorie chocolate pie is healthy. For the uninitiated or those that have never had a proper dessert, a chocolate pie is a baked sweet that contains mostly sugar and cocoa but has a very low fat content. There are many versions to choose from such as the traditional sponge, banana nut, angel food cake, and oh so many others.

Different ingredients for different recipes

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Although the basic recipe does not change much, each recipe will have different ingredients which make it unique and delicious. For example, there are low calorie versions that have only five calories, and then there are the versions that have almost no sugar at all and use white chocolate. Some even substitute white chocolate for sugar, which may sound strange but can give you many health benefits. If using real chocolate in this form then there are no calories because there are no fats used. This means it is not going to count as one of your daily calories and will help you lose weight if you are trying to lose weight.

For those who are not fans of artificial sweeteners there are still choices for you to consider when you are looking for a healthy dessert to enjoy on a night with friends or family. For example, if you are looking for a delicious dessert with a low calorie count try reaching for a dark chocolate chip cookie. These are made with a combination of cream and chocolate chips, which are low in calories and high in nutrition. You can find these types of cookies at almost any grocery or convenience store and they are easy to make too.

Mini Cheesecake

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Another delicious low calorie dessert idea is a mini cheesecake that you can put together yourself. You will find it is easy to make and the low calorie content is from real cheese not artificial flavors which can also be good for you. You can find cheesecake cookies or mini versions in almost any grocery store or grocery story but if you want to try something a little more exciting you might also want to check out frozen fruit pies.

This type of dessert is available in most stores and is sold as a single serving or you can ask for it to be chilled. A low calorie chocolate pie is usually made with crushed nuts and unsweetened cocoa powder. It can also be made with sugar free jellies instead of cream and have zero calories. All you have to do is add water and mix together until the jellies begin to form. Then you just pour the mixture over low calorie whipped topping and you have a delectable low calorie chocolate pie you can enjoy for a low calorie meal. You might also want to try a double dose of this dessert when you have a party at your house since you can’t eat too much cake at these events!

Chocolate Cake

Another option you have is to make your low calorie chocolate cake with a delicious homemade flavor. You can buy low fat or low sugar chocolate from the store and add some Graham crackers and cookies to the top or make the crust for the pie with whole wheat flour, chopped chocolate, and unsweetened cocoa. You can also add some canned fruit or yogurt for a delicious sweet treat for breakfast or dessert. A fruit topping is always a welcome addition and you may even find that you like banana pudding for a low fat alternative to a traditional chocolate pudding. These are just some options you have for making a low fat chocolate cake that will be healthy for you.

You do not have to be afraid of trying something new when it comes to eating a low calorie diet. Even though it may taste bland at first, you will find that over time you will start craving that chocolate flavor you once had and it is very difficult to get that taste without eating food. The best thing about eating a healthy diet is that you are not depriving yourself from anything that you enjoy. A low calorie chocolate cake can be as decadent as you want it to be but you have to watch the calories if you are going to indulge in a decadent treat for your weight loss goals.


Finally, what you should know about chocolate pie is that you can use all sorts of different types of fillings in order to tailor the flavor of your pie. So, instead of using a traditional Graham cracker crust, you can use a fruit topping like fresh strawberries for an extra sweet and wholesome flavor. Or, you could use white chocolate for a smooth and creamy texture and you could use white chocolate chunks for adding a richer taste to your chocolate pie. There are so many recipes available that you will surely find one that you will enjoy for weight loss and healthy desserts for any occasion.

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