Learn How to Make Healthier Low-Calorie Hot Chocolate

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If you are craving Chocolate – congrats, it’s good for you! But probably not the kind you are reaching for; Because of Milk Chocolate = Sugar, Oils, GARBAGE! Many of us are fond of eating desserts and chocolate. Actually, it’s a delicious way of enjoying traditional treats. Obviously, when talking about sweets, desserts are the usual things that come up in our minds. Generally, desserts contain a high amount of sugar and fats. No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, the time will come that you will look for something sweet to eat. On the other hand, there are low-calorie dessert recipes that you can try. I recently found low-calorie hot chocolate that might be helpful to the health-conscious who are regulating their diet. 

 Low-Calorie Hot Chocolate Recipe
Low-Calorie Hot Chocolate Recipe

Ingredients For Low-Calorie Hot Chocolate

The low-calorie hot chocolate recipe is very easy and effortless. However, you just four ingredients which already stash in your fridge and pantry. The simple hot-chocolate dessert begins with the unsweetened cashew milk. The essential ingredients of this dessert are vanilla crème stevia and cocoa powder. Peppermint extract is optional.

However, any vegan milk or unsweetened milk is the substitute for cashew milk. Apart from that, you may use another sweetener as a substitute for the vanilla crème stevia. The cashew milk is preferable as it provides very low calorie per mug. The ingredients mentioned in the article all are good for health.

Quantity Of The Ingredients

A recipe will be more delicious if the quantity is perfect. So, give more importance to the quantity of the ingredients. You need 2 cups or 480 ml of unsweetened cashew milk, 12 drops vanilla crème stevia, two tablespoon cocoa powder, and three drops of peppermint extract.

How To Prepare?

Well, now all that’s left to do is whisk all ingredients together in a preferable saucepan. You may add a few drops of the peppermint extract if you want to try the festive holiday version! Now, you have to warm the mixture over the medium-low heat. Before turning on the stove, try your best to incorporate the cocoa powder as much as possible. However, any lingering tiny clumps present in the mixture will dissolve in hot milk while cooking. However, it takes at least three to five minutes to cook. After that, pour the hot chocolate into the mugs.

Before going to serve the delicious dessert, think about the decoration. If it’s a festive season, you may add some ingredients for the mouth-watering look. Add some cocoa powder over the top of the hot chocolate and enjoy the dessert.

Healthy Tip: Low-Calorie Hot Chocolate

Healthy Tips Of  Low-Calorie Hot Chocolate
Healthy Tips Of Low-Calorie Hot Chocolate

You need not add too much milk, because studies suggest that washing down chocolate with a large quantity of milk can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb and use the antioxidants. A healthy diet plan plays a vital role in becoming a healthy person forever. There is nothing wrong with eating sweets and chocolates. As long as you have healthy recipes, there is nothing to worry about it.

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