How To Make A White Hot Chocolate Recipe

white hot chocolate recipe

It can be made for any occasion. Some people serve it when they have invited someone to a party or some other get together and want to warm them up. It is a great way to keep you and your guests interested as well as the one making it.

Different Types Of Ingredients

If you make this recipe at home, you can vary it by adding different types of ingredients or sauces to create a completely different kind of white hot chocolate recipe. This is also a very versatile type of recipe that can be served both hot and iced. If you are planning to serve it cold, you can replace the caramel and chocolate sauces with mint extracts or any type of natural mint flavor.

For starters, you need to have some basic supplies. First, you need to have heavy cream. You can either make it yourself or get it from a store and use a heavy cream recipe kit to measure out the ingredients. Alternatively, you can purchase a can of evaporated milk and melt it inside a double boiler. Then, you can add in the ingredients.

To make white hot chocolate recipe, you can start by breaking down the milk chocolate into chunks. Then, put the chocolate pieces in a saucepan and bring it to just below the simmering point. Stir constantly until the chunks are melted. Once they are all melted, break them down further and add in the vanilla extract.

Canned Pecan Pudding

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Another variation of this homemade recipe involves using some canned pecan pudding. You can buy canned pumpkin spice in a can or in a jar from the grocery. The only difference with this homemade white hot chocolate recipe is that you can either substitute pumpkin spice or cinnamon for the cocoa. You also have to substitute the milk and hot cocoa if you use those ingredients instead. If you prefer, however, you can still use your standard milk chocolate and hot cocoa mix.

You can also try adding nuts and raisins to this recipe. You can stir these items in after you mix the milk chocolate and hot cocoa mixture. Just stir these items in and let it cool before you add them to the drink. If you want to add them to the drink later, you can place them in the fridge. However, be sure to stir these items well.

Types Of White Chocolate Drinks

There are two types of white chocolate drinks that you can make. The first is the hot chocolate espresso drink. This is a coffee-like drink that you can make by putting espresso beans in a steel pot and then placing it in the refrigerator. To make this coffee-like drink, you can either add in some cream and stir over heat to make the chocolate creamy or you can put in raisins. Either way, you will get a nice milky drink.

Last Words

If you are more interested in making a hot cocoa drink, you can look for different recipes online or ask at any local coffee shop. As for the stir in the drink, you can try to stir in chopped nuts, raisins, and cream. For a rich and creamy drink, you can stir in half a cup of chocolate chips and pour in the hot chocolate into a microwaveable mug. Once the chocolate is melted and has cooled enough, you can then put the mug into the stove and heat up the chocolate until it reaches the proper temperature. As you can see, there are many different versions of these delicious milkshakes.

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