How to Make a Thick Sweet Italian Hot Chocolate Recipe -

How to Make a Thick Sweet Italian Hot Chocolate Recipe

italian hot chocolate recipe

If you are in the mood to indulge in a sumptuous dessert, nothing beats an Italian hot chocolate recipe. The rich chocolate flavor goes unmatched anywhere else and is a very popular all-time favorite. But for people who do not know how to cook this delicacy, they will be sorely disappointed. This delicious recipe can be made at home or brought out to eat in any restaurant. Read on to find out more about this mouth-watering treat.

Versions Of Italian Hot Chocolate Recipe

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There are several versions of the Italian hot chocolate recipe circulating in the market today. You can either make the recipe at home or take it out to enjoy when the weather is hot, and there is no room at the restaurant. Certain methods must be followed for both versions to come out perfect. To make the hot chocolate at home, it is important to make sure that you use the right kind of chocolate. Using the wrong kind of chocolate can spoil your chocolate, and it is best to go for the branded type.

Melt The Chocolate

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First of all, you will need to melt the chocolate. In the case of a home version, then you need to melt it in a double boiler. If you do not have one, then you can place it in the microwave. Once the chocolate has melted, you can add sugar and cream into the pan. Stir it well so that it does not stick, and once it is ready, place it in the cupboard and keep it aside.

While the chocolate mixture is melting, you should also prepare the other ingredients needed for the Italian hot chocolate recipe. These ingredients are eggs, vanilla, and milk. All of these ingredients should be combined and added to the pan. Whisk the egg mixture well and add it to the other ingredients. Once all ingredients are well mixed and blended, pour it into the prepared saucepan and allow it to heat up.

Add The Second Ingredient

After the Italian hot chocolate recipe has sufficiently heated up, it is time to add the second ingredient, the thick Italian hot chocolate mix recipe. Add this second ingredient slowly so that the chocolate is not too hot or too cold. The idea is to create the perfect consistency. It should be spread out evenly, thus, making the chocolate pudding. You must stir the mixture well so that you do not have lumpy chocolate. When the chocolate is thoroughly mixed, it is ready for serving.

To make the best hot chocolate, you should serve the recipe with some fresh and luscious whipped cream. Whipped cream is a very good alternative because it will give a nice texture to the chocolate. You will also want to put a cherry on top for an added taste. This is how to make the thick Italian hot chocolate recipe even tastier.

When it comes to eating the Italian hot chocolate mix recipe, you must serve it up immediately. This is because cocoa-based drinks are very high in calories. If you serve it too long, the calories can become excessive. Therefore, it is best served just after five minutes. It is also important to note that the mixture can lose its flavor if leftover too long.

Final Words

The easiest way to find this delicious recipe is to shop at your local grocery store or any supermarket in your area. You will likely find this amazing recipe there. If you are looking for a different treat to enjoy with a loved one, you may want to consider making your Italian hot chocolate. This may be a slightly more expensive process, but you can guarantee that you will receive nothing but the best chocolate treats for a long time to come. If you make your chocolate at home, you can control the ingredients used and ensure that it is completely safe.

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