Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy

Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy

It is a healthy and tasty drink. It contains more nutrient than other glass. Children also like a smoothie. They found smoothie as delicious. It will keep your kid energized and active too. Some Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy are here.

You can give many nutrients and healthy fruits and vegetables by preparing a smoothie with a different flavor, and they cannot find them. Like by mixing spinach with other fruits, it gives a mild taste and nutrients as well, or your child can’t detect it.

Smoothie is the drink which never becomes boring as there are many ways to prepare it and it is also time-consuming too. Smothies takes a maximum of ten minutes to make.

It also keeps you refreshed and active whole. They also protects you from many diseases as it is prepared from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy
Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy

Smoothies is good for the patient too as it can be mix with any item and give a fantastic taste by prepared with delicious and healthy products. We can say it is an evergreen drink. Which keep us healthy and fit with delightful taste? There are some healthy and tasty recipes for a smoothie.


Mix Fruit Hub Healthy Smoothie Recipes:

Things needed:

One banana

Half cup of sliced and chopped strawberries, blueberries, or mangoes

One-fourth cup Greek yogurt

One tablespoon almond butter

Half cup baby Spanish

Half cup unsweetened almond milk

Honey, mint leaves or ice cubes.

Take care of pouring milk into a smoothie as if it is thick, it can be thin by adding milk, but if it is smaller than it can’t thicken. So pour milk carefully.

Now take a blender and put all the fruit inside it and mix them well. Add yogurt, honey, and milk in mixed fruit of blender and mix them well. Pour your mixture in a glass and decorate it with mint leaves as they give refreshing flavor to the smoothie. Add some ice cube in a glass of smoothie to make it cool.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy
Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy


Peachy Keen Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Things needed:

Two ripe peaches sliced and chopped with skin

One cup cottage cheese

Half cup low-fat milk


Two tablespoon lemon juice


Nutmegs in grated foam

Take peaches and cottage cheese and mix them in a blender. Pour milk, honey, lemon juice and a pinch of salt in a blender and mix them well for two minutes. Pour the smoothie in a glass. Decorate it with nutmeg an ice or place slice of lemon at the edge of the glass.


Mango, Strawberry, And Pineapple Smoothie

Things needed:

One frozen mango without skin and sliced in cubes

Five frozen strawberries with removed leaves and sliced into half

One cup diced pineapple

One cup of orange juice



Now blend the fruits in the blender first. Add yogurt into blender and mix. Now add honey

and orange juice and mix them well. Pour into a glass and decorate with the slice of

strawberry and pineapple.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy
Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy


Honeydew Healthy Smoothie Recipes:

Things required:

Two cups honeydew melon sliced

One cup vanilla low-fat yogurt

Two tablespoon apple juice

Ice cubes


Mix all the fruits in a blender. Add yogurt, honey, and apple juice to it add to mix. Pour the

smoothie in a glass and add ice cubes in it. Garnish with honeydew melon.

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