Healthy Desserts You Can Eat Guilt-Free

Healthy Desserts Are Always Welcome

A person’s health is their emotional and physical well being. And what can make them emotionally as well as physically content? A nice and appropriate amount of delicious and nutritious food. After a nice filling afternoon meal or supper, every stomach aches for a some sweet savory. A dessert is any sweet course which complements as well as completes a full course heavy meal. Some Healthy Desserts are always the best way to go about it. Every diet conscious person follows the “Eat Healthy, Live Healthy” mantra! Personal health is no joke. In order to live a happy and prosperous life, everyone must lead a healthy one, first.

Healthy Desserts Are Always Welcome

Healthy Desserts, Many Mousses

The basic raw ingredients for any type of Mousse are; 1. Eggs (both egg yolks and egg whites). 2. Milk. 3. Granulated sugar. 4. Butter and cream. 5. Chocolate chips. 6. Chocolate (bittersweet dark chocolate or standard sweet chocolate or even white chocolate).

First and foremost, the chocolate is melted with some butter in a saucepan. It should have proper creamy consistency. After that, the egg whites as well as the cream are combined. The mixture is beaten together until they form a firm desirable texture. The melted chocolate should be lukewarm first and then added to the mixture and blended properly. Furthermore, the egg whites (at room temperature) are now beaten and stirred up well with the rest of the chocolaty creamy mixture. Then, the final foamy bittersweet cream is poured into small containers, glasses or pots with beautiful shapes and kept in the refrigerator. In an overnight it should be ready to be served.

The Healthy Chocolate Mousse Experiments

Chocolate mousse with avocado and fruits. The avocado is separated from the skin and the pit. The avocado flavour is more or less driven away. Dark Chocolate as well as Cocoa powder is used along with honey. After that, the avocado is first blended and made into a cream like structure. All the other ingredients are added to it and then again blended together. One can use all the healthy dry fruits as toppings in this healthy dessert. Sometimes, coconut whipped cream is also used along with the different berries and fruits. As a whole the person gets all the nutritious benefits of an avocado.

Healthy Desserts Are Always Welcome
Healthy Desserts Are Always Welcome

You can even make chocolate mousse with strawberries and strawberry cream. The strawberry is mixed with honey, maple syrup along with some coconut milk. Then, the mixture is blended until a particular light texture is visible. The normal chocolate mousse recipe is followed. Similarly, the mixture is blended along with some chocolate and whipped cream. Consequently, when the chocolate mousse is ready, we add the strawberry syrup in layers. The small strawberries slices are used in different layers as well. The rest of it is for the creator’s purpose. One can eat them or repeat them.

The Special Mousse

The pumpkin mousse with chocolate is also one of the best “healthy desserts”. It has softened whipped cream layers along with sliced up, spiced up pumpkins. It requires more egg yolks and less of sugar and some vanilla extract. Sugar, cream and whisked egg yolks are preheated in a saucepan. After that, it is set too cool down a little once the mixture thickens. Afterwards, some canned pumpkin and vanilla extract is added to it along with some spices. However, the whole mixture is beaten. Finally, the mixture is poured into a glass in layers. Some chocolate chips are added to it. The final thing is left to cool down. In conclusion, the pumpkin mousse with chocolate toppings is ready.

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