Healthy Candy for Weight Loss

healthy candy

Have you ever tried eating healthy candy? Did you know that we actually need sweets in our diets to keep us going during the day? Sweets are important for many reasons. Let’s take a look at the three most important reasons to eat healthy candy:


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First of all, let’s define “sugar.” Sugar is one of the most common components in most candy. It provides both flavor and sweetness. However, if eaten in excess, sugar can cause damage to your body. Therefore, the next reason to avoid sugary sweets is to avoid the unhealthy combination of sugar and fats in most candy.


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Candy that contains high amounts of sugar are most often called “refreshing candies.” This is because they usually have a relatively large amount of sugar, but provide relatively small amounts of calories. For example, a candy bar that has two tablespoons of sugar may provide about 180 calories. However, this same candy with about the same amount of calories and a significantly lower amount of fat, such as zero calories, could have about the same amount of calories but offer much less fat, about five grams of sugar, and about four grams of protein.

No Bad Ingredients

Another reason to avoid most snacks and candy is that they typically contain high levels of empty calories. This means that they do not contain the nutrients that the body needs. For example, most snack candy has at least eight calories per serving. Most of them also contain little to no nutritional value. One serving of potato chips has about six calories, but a serving of popcorn has about 17.


Lastly, sugar has become an important contributor to poor nutrition. High levels of sugar have been associated with obesity. Also, in recent years, there has been increasing evidence that sugar has an effect on insulin levels, which in turn contributes to higher cholesterol levels. In addition, sugar is a main contributor to tooth decay and cavities. Therefore, it is important to choose your own healthy candy options.

Prevents Weight Gain

As an alternative to sugary snacks and candy, choose fruit for your treats. Some fruits, especially those with a high natural sugar content, can help regulate blood sugar. Some fruits, like cranberries and pineapple, can also help stimulate the appetite. This means that a small piece of fruit, as a dessert after you eat something sweet, may be just what you need to curb your cravings. You may even find that you enjoy eating a small piece of fruit after you finish your sugary snack.

Good Alternative

Finally, here is some peanut fun-size chocolate candies nutrition info to boost your weight loss efforts. Since peanuts contain relatively few calories, this sweet treat should be one of your healthier choices. The calories in a peanut are similar to the calories in a small handful of nuts. Therefore, the snack should make you feel full for a long time, without providing you with a burst of unneeded energy. In addition, the small amount of fat in a peanut also makes it an excellent fat burner.

Wrapping Up

For snacks that are tasty, sweet, and low in calories, try cookies, muffins, cakes, and bars from the New York Peppermint Tea and Company. Each serving of their Dark Mint Hot Chocolate has less than three g of fat and contains only 65 calories. The company’s other tea, the Christmas Mint Hot Chocolate, has a smaller amount of calories but a moderate amount of sodium. To get the most from both of these treats, plan your snacks so that you divide them between a half or full cup of chocolate and plan your portion control.

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