German Chocolate Cake Recipe – How To Make Your Own Delicious German Chocolate Cake

german chocolate cake recipe

Since you can see in the take category that s been around for such a long time, it gets to the point where every child has a different favorite. As a child, I always loved a chocolate cake with a dark chocolate flavor.

Chocolate Cakes With Coconut Pecan Filling

A close up of a fruit

In fact, my parents used to make me chocolate cakes with coconut pecan filling, and vanilla frosting. They even had streusel on top. Well now, I’m too old-fashioned to care about any kind of fancy stuff. My favorite chocolate desserts are ones that are moist and go along with my dairy products. A good German chocolate cake recipe will definitely have this in mind. It’s gotten to the point now where almost every child has a favorite dark chocolate cake either mom makes or that s’ parents make, and pretty much every kid prefers an iced dessert over plain.

A chocolate cake can have just about anything as ingredients. Some people prefer to add some berries, but coconut is really popular as well. When making a German chocolate cake recipe, the best German chocolate cake recipe has to be moist and a bit spongy in texture. It should also have the right amount of coconut flavor because this is one of the most popular features of German chocolate desserts.

One tip that you might find helpful is to use a good German chocolate cake recipe that uses a sweet cream frosting. This kind of frosting works very well with this kind of dessert. It’s also something that you can experiment with. Some people like to make it a little richer by adding some canned fruit. Another fun ingredient that you could add is nuts or even cinnamon.

So how did I fare when I made this cake? Well, I used a high quality German Chocolate cake recipe that was delicious. I used the right frosting which turned out to be a bit heavier than I anticipated. And I didn’t bother to mix the batter until it was the correct consistency. All in all, this was the best German Chocolate cake I’ve ever made.

Now, let me tell you about the second best German Chocolate cake I made… This time, it wasn’t with a frosting but with a pudding mix. I used half-and-half and didn’t bother to mix the dry ingredients together. This ended up giving the cake a nice, moist consistency.

The third best German Chocolate cake that I ever tried was one with a mildly sweet and creamy icing. It was a very simple recipe but the icing was one of my favorites. The cake itself was moist, just like the second recipe, but it was also flavored with a sweet cream which made the icing almost pudding-like. I would have to say that this was one of my most delicious German Cakes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.


Once your mixture has been combined, you will next want to add your frosting. This is best used after the chocolate cake mixture has completely set. Once you frost the batter, you will then be able to bake the German Chocolate Eclair according to your recipe. If you find that your mixture is too thin or too thick, you can simply add more flour to the mix in order to achieve the perfect result.

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