Choosing The Right Sugar Free Chocolate Cake Mix

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

Sugar free chocolate cake mix is on everyone’s diet these days. But how does it taste? Will you have to settle for store bought sugar free cake mix? This article will help you make an informed decision when selecting your sugar free chocolate cake mix. Let’s start with some of the better known brands…

Try Nutrex

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

Nutrex is one of the more well know brands of sugar free chocolate cake mix. It has several varieties such as: Cream Fudge, Banana Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Roll. In addition to that, it offers several nutrition facts on each of its varieties so you can get a better idea of how many calories per serving they contain. Their website also breaks down their nutrition facts into g net carbs, total calories, fat grams, and protein grams. So keep reading below to learn more about this great brand!

Betty Crocker. This brand offers several varieties, including: Nutri-Glow, bananas and cream, banana split, blueberry shortcake, and grape jam. They even provide an online recipe database so you can easily try different recipes. Their website also includes the nutrition facts you need to know for each product.

Use Glutino

A close up of a piece of chocolate cake on a plate

 As one of the top brands of sugar free chocolate cake mix, this company offers several different flavors, including: trail mix, banana pudding mix, blueberry shortcake, and chocolate fudge. Like Nutrex, they provide several recipes from which to choose, as well as detailed nutrition facts. They have a website as well, which gives you some tips on how to prepare and serve gluten-free desserts. However, they do not offer any vitamins or other supplements.

Allulose. While this brand of mix does not use eggs in their baking mix, they do use an ingredient known as cellulose. Allulose is a form of sugar that is made from soybeans, corn, and other plant products. While it may sound like a health risk, cellulose is actually safe when used in moderation and under doctor supervision.


Many people mistakenly believe that using regular sugar will give them enough fiber to enjoy a delicious dessert. In fact, there are only four grams of fiber per serving dry, so adding fiber to your chocolate cake will not increase its nutritional value. To get five g net carbs and trace amounts of other nutrients, use a product that uses all natural fiber.

Bottom Line

Chocolate or Keto Cake Mix? Another important factor when choosing a dessert mix is whether or not it is a key friendly one. Many non-keto dieticians prefer to use more natural products like honey or even fruit. If you choose to purchase a set sweetened version, be sure to read the labels and verify that it contains no artificial sweeteners or colors and no other ingredients that will be altered during the cooking process.

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