Chocolate Mousse Recipes Round Up

easy chocolate mousse recipe

So you’ve decided to check out the chocolate mousse recipes roundup. There are so many to choose from it’s going to be a tough job deciding which one to try first. This is a recipe that will have to warm up slightly before it’ll taste right. The texture is velvety one and the smell when you cook it is wonderful too. It freezes well also, so you can take it along and have a mousse platter ready for parties. When you’ve got a chocolate fondue going on at your next cookout, you’re going to need a few mousse bars or tubes to go with it.

Salted Butter Caramel Chocolate Mousse

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These two quick chocolate mousse recipes are a great start to the day. They are filled with flavor and texture that make them a must try for any time of the day. You can get them both on sale at places like Food Network and occasionally in the freezer sections of the grocery store. Another place to find these is the dollar stores, and I’ve even found them in some of the more expensive grocery stores. One tip I can give you is to always put the dessert mix in the refrigerator ahead of time, so that when you run out you just pick up the ingredients and have a delicious dessert.

Another one of my quickie desserts is the salted butter caramel chocolate mousse. This is actually my everyday inspiration dessert. I love this dessert for its simple carbohydrates and rich flavor. If you love chocolate and caramel then this is the recipe for you. For a healthier alternative you could use soy chocolate instead of the regular white chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Version

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I also have a dark chocolate version of the chocolate mousse that is absolutely perfect for a hot summer day. I usually plan to have this chocolate mousse recipe made in the afternoon. It’s so easy to make since all you need is a hot cup of coffee, a box of chocolate chips, and a food processor. When you’re ready, simply add the chocolate chips and stir them together. Now it’s time to heat up the coffee.

If you are going to use canned items make sure that they are fully prepared with the food processor first. This will ensure that you don’t end up with a chunky mousse when you pour the hot mixture into your mixing bowl. There are many other recipe ideas that you can use as your source of inspiration, but most of the time I come up with my own versions of the chocolate mousse recipes that are just perfect for me.

Guilt Free

Another great thing about this type of chocolate mousse recipes roundup is that you can make it completely guilt free. For once, I will not say it again. That’s because if you happen to use processed foods that have a high sugar content, then you are going to end up feeling very guilty. You deserve it though because it’s the real problem.

Last Words

If you are looking for ideas on some great chocolate mousse recipes, check out the previous article in this article “A Quick and Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe.” That will give you even more inspiration and might give you some ideas that you can use to create your own creations. Now, that you know a little more about this dessert, what do you think? Is it easy enough to make a dessert recipe from scratch?

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