Chocolate Milk Recipe For Kids That Is Hotter Than Ever

chocolate milk recipe

Do you want to know how to make delicious chocolate milk for your children? This chocolate milk recipe is easy enough to make, tastes great, and helps prevent serious illnesses. Rich and creamy, chocolate milk has been enjoyed for centuries throughout the world. It’s healthy too! Made with simple ingredients and no cooking, this chocolate milk is so simple you can have it any time. Made with no cooking or mixer required, this is a wonderful way to serve mom on family night or treat yourself to something special before you head off to work.

A chocolate milk recipe that is made with pure, all-natural ingredients is healthy enough for you to give to your child with no worries about the quality of calories. For this reason, you can trust this as the safest kind to give to kids. For a change of pace, try different flavors and varieties to keep your kids interested. With only two ingredients, you can have rich and creamy chocolate milk in just minutes! Refined sugar-free and kid-friendly, this is a super simple iced chocolate milk recipe you could actually feel good about providing to your kids.

Chocolate Milk Recipe

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Chocolate milk is made with simple ingredients that your kids will enjoy. All they need is a plastic or glass bowl, a food processor or blender, vanilla extract, milk, and chocolate shavings. Mix the ingredients together until smooth. You can use a rubber spatula to mix them until they become a smooth consistency. If you wish, you could also add in a few drops of your favorite flavor. If you wish to make a creamy chocolate milk recipe for adults, you could combine equal parts of evaporated milk, vanilla essence, and chocolate shavings.

For the nutritional facts of your chocolate milk recipe, you will not find any caloric or fat content because the only ingredients are chocolate and vanilla essence. The latter is made with organic cacao beans, which is why it has more health benefits. You could also substitute unsweetened cocoa powder with this recipe. Unsweetened cocoa powder has zero calories and contains organic cacao bean antioxidants.

Unsweetened cocoa powder also comes in various brands and flavors. You could get chocolate shakes, cocoa bars, and chocolate ice cream, among others. Alternatively, you could make homemade chocolate milk by using all-natural, certified organic powder. The organic powder comes in different forms, including ready-to-use packets and jars. You may choose one that is commercially available in your area, but it is best to check the ingredients label to make sure that the powder you are buying is true organic chocolate.

A Much Ado

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If you want to make a chocolate milk recipe for kids, then you must first consider the safety of the chocolate itself. Chocolate should be kept away from children and even handled with extreme care. Do not leave the tub with children or young kids around. When making a chocolate milk recipe for kids at home, you must note that you can use regular milk as the base of the recipe. This is the safest option especially if you are making a recipe that contains sugar.

You could also use hot cocoa as the base for your recipe. Hot cocoa is a delicious and healthy substitute for sugar, so kids who cannot eat sugar on their own won’t turn off eating this hot cocoa drink either. If you use the standard chocolate marshmallows as your basic ingredients, then you could experiment with different kinds of marshmallows to liven up your chocolate treat recipe.

Final Words

You can also do things like substituting cranberries or raisins for raisins or cranberries and replacing chocolate syrup with honey or agave nectar or honeycomb. You can also mix in strawberries instead of chocolate syrup or honeycomb. You can also try to substitute white chocolate chips for dark chocolate chips or vice versa. But if you really want to make a recipe that will make a delicious and memorable hot chocolate for your family, then you might want to consider making it a bit healthier by substituting vegetable fat for the fat found in hydrogenated oils used in hot cocoa.

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