Chocolate – Is It Good Or Bad For Health?

Chocolate – Is it Good Or Bad For Health?

 Scientists have been conducting multiple types of research on chocolate to know about its benefits and disadvantages. Moreover, it is one of the favorite sweet tooth satisfiers among people. For decades, people have been consuming it in different ways and forms. It is the soul of many delicious dishes around the world. However, some people are suspicious of their benefits and believe that it is not suitable for health. Therefore, we are going to see the opinions on each side. Let’s get started.

Chocolate – Is it Good Or Bad For Health?
Chocolate – Is it Good Or Bad For our Health?

Chocolate – Health Benefits

 In many studies, researchers have said that cocoa beans pose natural chemicals that are good for the human body. Here are the benefits.

Good For Cardiovascular System

Dark cocoa bean has a powerful antioxidant named “flavonoids” that protects the cardiovascular system of our body. Moreover, dark cocoa beans tend to have five times flavonoid than apples. According to researchers, unprocessed cocoa beans are excellent for health. Furthermore, the contents in it absorb free radicals in our body.

Rich In Nutrients

The dark cocoa bean is rich in nutrients. In general, it has eleven-gram fiber, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc. However, we are not talking about chocolate bars here. Unprocessed and pure coco has all the above nutrient contents. The processing of cocoa beans decreases its nutritional contents, and thus, it is not as rich as it is in its natural form.

Chocolate – Lower Blood Pressure

As we have discussed above, dark chocolate has flavonoids that can stimulate endothelium. It also produces nitric oxide. As a result of it, the chemical lowers the blood pressure and relaxes the arteries. Besides this, it can improve blood flow and good for insulin-sensitive people. Apart from this, it helps with heart disease.

Are Studies Reliable?

Recently, conflict with researchers and the human right foundation has caused a lot of controversies. According to such organizations, companies are paying researchers and scientists to provide fake reports regarding chocolate. According to them, all the studies are false, and companies are playing with the health of people. On the other hand, researchers denied such allegations.

Chocolate – Is it Good Or Bad For Health?
Chocolate – Is it Good Or Bad For our Health?

Processed chocolates Are Not Healthy

 In general, it is hard to find organic and raw chocolate. Moreover, not all of us love to consume chocolate in its natural form because of the bitter taste. Therefore, we consume processed chocolate in the form of chocolate bars and syrups. Because of this, other organizations have been raising their voices that researchers aren’t truthful. As we have discussed above, dark and organic chocolate can make you healthy. However, there are other aspects of it as well.

Chocolate – Moderate Consumption

It doesn’t matter how healthy one food is, consumption of it in moderation is the key. Therefore, dark cocoa beans are not good if you consume them in a big amount. Apart from this, it depends on your health as well. You may have some health issues, and thus it is not good for you.


The context of “chocolate” has given the picture of both sides. It is better to consider the opinions of both sides and make your own decisions.

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