Chocolate Gravy Recipe – It Is Time To Impress The Chocolate-Lovers

chocolate gravy recipe

Chocolate gravy is one of the most favored toppings for various preparations like biscuits, cakes, and much more. It could be used in any preparation and would give just the needed flavor. The greatest highlight of this is that the chocolate gravy recipe is quite easy to make. There are just some prepared simple steps that can give you one of the most delicious chocolate sauces. Chocolate gravy can be made easily from home. This can be used for a number of recipes for creating different food items. This article gives a brief recipe for chocolate sauce and some of its delicious uses. Do check out these and make your chocolate grace for every preparation you are going to make.

Chocolate Gravy Recipe And Ingredients

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The chocolate gravy recipe requires very few ingredients. Many of these could be found in every home. If not, you could easily get hold of them from a nearby market. So what are you waiting for?

The chocolate gravy recipe needs unsweetened cocoa powder, all-purpose flour, sugar, salt, milk, and butter. You could also use a vanilla essence for adding flavor.

If you have all the ingredients mentioned above, you are ready to create your own chocolate grave. This article further provides the chocolate gravy recipe to help you with the procedure.

Initially, whisk the cocoa powder, flour, sugar, and salt together in a medium-sized pan. Add milk and continue whisking until all lumps disappear. Some also use water instead of milk. Cook over a medium flame for some 5 to 7 minutes.

Ensure that you stir the gravy while on the flame constantly until it begins to boil and then thicken. Then, remove the pan from the flame and add butter and vanilla essence. Stir well until the butter has melted.

Your chocolate gravy is now ready to be used. You could also add other ingredients like crumbled bacon, nuts, and dried fruits to add to the taste. Use it over biscuits, puddings, cake, ice cream, and whatnot!

Uses To Check Out

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The chocolate gravy that you prepared can be used for several preparations. It could be the delicious toppings for anything you would like. It would be the ultimate treat for chocolate lovers.

Chocolate gravy can be used over cinnamon biscuits. You could also make the gravy out of dark chocolate for an added taste.

The chocolate gravy recipe would help to create the most delicious chocolate gravy right from scratch. You could use it for icing cases and topping puddings. It would simply give a heart-filling experience.

Some people use chocolate gravy over sweet pies. If you are a Choco lover who prefers chocolate above anything, this is your ideal looking and the custom ingredient for your preparations.


Chocolate gravy is an easily prepared sauce that could be used with many preparations. This article gives a brief chocolate gravy recipe along with the ingredients required for the same. Some uses of the chocolate gravy are also provided. If you were planning to have a last-minute dish prepared, add this chocolate gravy to make it better.

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