Chocolate Candy Making For Beginners That Can Help You Become An Expert

chocolate candy making for beginners

Learning how to make chocolate candy is an exact process and with time and certain tips, you’ll be pleased with your results. It is always nice and fun to be able to make chocolate candy right in your own kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced, with these tips and instructions, you’ll surely be on a way to make your own lovely candy creations. Make sure to know all the basics to keep you confident enough in making more delectable chocolate goodies.

Tips For Chocolate Candy Making For Beginners

If you’re interested in making your own chocolate candy, then these most helpful and practical tips are what you definitely need.

Follow recipe to the point

Preparation of candy is different from cooking any other food wherein you can put your own twist to it. with candy-making, it is critical to follow every bit of the recipe and not just add a bit of this or a bit of that. Also, it is essential to follow the wording and cooking techniques mentioned in the recipe.

Make sure to know how to use chocolate

Since chocolate is the main ingredient while making candy, it is, therefore, necessary to educate yourself on chocolate use. The technique of chopping and melting the chocolate should be known. Also, as a beginner, you might make mistakes so, you may want to learn how to fix them.

Understand sugar

Candy making is pretty easy once you’ve practiced it however, sugar can be tricky to work with. Being the main ingredient that brings everything together, you’ll need to make sugar syrup. Learn how to make it, keep a close eye on temperature and follow every instruction.

Always assemble ingredients first

It’s always better to gather every candy-making ingredient. This will make sure you haven’t left out an important ingredient. Skipping something essential or not adding ingredients in the right order will ruin the recipe.

Mistakes To Avoid While Chocolate Candy Making

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Not making use of candy thermometer

A thermometer ensures that your candy turns out exactly right. With a difference of just a few degrees, the candy may not turn out good. So, make sure to use it to cook the candy mixture to the precise temperature mentioned in the recipe.

Not coating the pan

Candy is a sticky sweet and you don’t want it to stick to the bottom of the pan. So, it’s always necessary to coat your pan with a cooking spray, butter, or coconut oil.

Combined chocolate and water

Avoid melted chocolate and water to come in contact as with even few drops of water, the dry particles of chocolate will become moist and stick together to form a lump.

Failing to store candy properly

To prevent your candies from turning too soft or your caramel to dry out, make sure to store them in an airtight container to keep air out.


Everyone loves chocolate candies and tries to make them at home. For many, it may seem a daunting task but with a little knowledge and practice, mastering the art of chocolate candy making for beginners can be easy.

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