Chocolate And Milk Jelly Pudding

Chocolate And Milk Jelly Pudding

Chocolate is one thing that everyone loves. Further, when it gets combined with milk, it tastes even better. Also, you can combine chocolate and milk with any other ingredient such as berries, nuts, cream, and more. The result will always be fantastic. However, here we will be talking about how you can make a pudding out of milk and chocolate.

Method Of Making Chocolate And Milk Jelly Pudding

Now, pudding is made in layers. It depends on you how you want to layer it. 


One can (370ml) evaporated milk

1/2 cup cocoa powder

1 cup of sugar

250ml cream

250ml sweetened condensed milk

3 cups of water

Two teaspoons (level) jelly powder

Also, you should know that we are here using unsweetened and unflavoured jelly.

Moreover, the jelly is in the form of white powder. Further, if you use one pouch of jelly, then you will require 6 cups of water. However, we will not use the whole bag at once since it will make not be firm. As a result, there will be no sticking up of layers.

Chocolate And Milk Jelly Pudding
Chocolate And Milk Jelly Pudding

Recipe Of Chocolate And Milk Jelly Pudding

Now, to make the pudding use water, which is at room temperature. And pour two cups of it into a small pot. Further, add one spoon of gelatine into it. And stir it until it ultimately gets dissolve into the water. Also, you should boil the water.

Subsequently, add dry ingredients like sugar and cocoa powder into the mixture and mix them well. When they get mixed thoroughly, then add milk to it. Further, stir the mix well until everything gets dissolved into the milk.

Further, add the mixture into the molds. However, it would help if you filled the mold to half. 

Additionally, boil water and gelatine again. Further, add condensed milk and cream to it and mix well. Now, pour this mixture over the chocolate in the mold. Furthermore, keep them aside for cooling.

After it gets cooled down, you can serve it to your guests.

Thus, it is elementary to make and require simple ingredients as well. However, the taste is brilliant, and you will not be able to stop yourself from eating this delicious recipe.

Some Additional Tips

Now, if your mixture becomes too thick, then you can add a cup of vanilla to it. Further, vanilla will give it a good taste also.

Also, when you remove the jelly pudding from the molds, be careful, and do it slowly. You can rub the back of the mold with some warm water to easily remove the jelly. 

Subsequently, you can even add chocolate pudding or other edible ingredients to make it even tastier and mouth-watering.

Also, you must keep gelatine in warm water for about half an hour before boiling it. 

Additionally, you can even decorate or rather garnish your pudding with some fruits or chocolate chunks.

Chocolate And Milk Jelly Pudding
Chocolate And Milk Jelly Pudding

However, there are several ways of making a pudding, but it depends all on you that what ingredients you want. Further, what type of layering you want to do for your dessert. 

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