Best Chocolate Making Tools to Invest In

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If you’re looking to get into the chocolate and candy-making game, here is a list of must-have tools to make a smooth, chocolatey transition to the sweet stuff. Chocolate making tools ease the process of making desserts with chocolates. Here is a list of the best chocolate making tools to invest in.


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This may seem like an obvious one, but if you don’t have a whisk yet then you’ll never be able to create the expert chocolate concoctions of your dreams. A handheld whisk is one of any chocolatier’s first and foremost tools, as it can beat eggs, cream, and other essential sugary goodness into sweet, sweet, submission.

Grab a whisk for $20.99 at Amazon Canada.

Silicone Molds

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Just like silicone muffin liners, silicone chocolate molds are a game-changer. Whether you’re making hot chocolate bombs, cute themed gifts for friends, or decorative adornments for a larger creation, these tools make life so much easier. Chocolate just pops right out of these molds without any muss or fuss, creating all kinds of satisfying and delicious shapes.

Order a set of silicone molds for $22.99 at Amazon Canada.

Digital Thermometer

One of the most important tools in any candy maker’s toolbelt is a good quality digital thermometer—guesswork definitely won’t cut it in the sweets department. If you’re planning on making chocolates, truffles and other delightful offerings, be sure that yours can go up to at least 120°F. But if you plan on adding caramel or toffee to the mix, you’ll definitely want one that can climb up to the 450° range.

Invest in an Anna Olson digital thermometer for $34.99 at The Bay.

Dipping Forks

Whether you want to create perfect swirls on your chocolate-covered strawberries or you’re looking to coat peanut butter balls and truffles with an enviably smooth chocolate layer, a set of dipping forks is invaluable. Be sure to set up your area ahead of time, create an assembly line (filling, tempered chocolate, and a baking tray to place your finished product), and remember to always work with clean instruments.

Grab some dipping forks for $18.99 at Amazon Canada.

Double Boiler

When it comes to melting chocolate there are valid shortcuts (the microwave, for example), but if you’re doing it in big batches or trying to temper it for a dip, nothing beats a double broiler. The good news is that these things are also great for a variety of sauces and dips, so really it’s one of those chocolate-making tools that doubles as a savoury essential.

Invest in a double broiler for $54.99 at Kitchen Stuff Plus.


Everyone wants to lick the spatula when baking, and that’s because the spatula is so great at picking up all of that extra side-bowl goodness. If you don’t want to leave precious mix, melted chocolate, or batter behind, be sure to have a spatula handy to scrape up whatever doesn’t pour out on its own. Invest in a silicone spatula that doesn’t detach at the head, and also use it to smooth bubbles or level out frosting whenever you’re in a pinch.

Pick up this four-piece spatula set for $14.99 at Amazon Canada.

With these tools in hand, you can make chocolates easily.

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