An Italian Recipe Banoffee Pie No-bake

banoffee pie no bake

Banoffee Pie No-bake is an English dessert pie with a thick layer of cream made from bananas and toffee, topped with whipped cream. The Toffee part of the name is derived from “Toffee Apple” where boiled sugar syrup was dropped into water, which used to be given to children who were hurt or ill in England during WWII. It comes from the Italian word ‘banana’ meaning “finger” because this fruit reminds of fingers when eaten by hand!

Kind of banana used in Banoffee pie no-bake recipe

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We recommend using ripe bananas that are still slightly firm and not overripe unless you want to use up leftover or browning bananas before they go bad. Make sure your bananas don’t have any bruises on them, though! Bananas with little brown freckles will work too but once again, make sure they aren’t bruised. A good indicator of ripeness? If you can peel the banana without much effort, it’s probably ripe enough for this recipe!

Banoffee Pie No Bake is a modern variation that I came up with one night after seeing my brother eating Banana Split (3 Ways). He’d cut 3 banana halves into 4 pieces and filled each one with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and fresh cream. He then layered them in a glass bowl to create the Banana Split. I thought it would be fun if all this could be condensed into one little pie, so I just put everything together, and voila!

Banoffee Pie No-Bake Recipe

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Biscuit Base: 4 Cups Digestive Biscuits/ Graham Crackers 1/2 Cup Sugar 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil Pinch of Salt Toffee Layer: 1 Can Condensed Milk 3 Tbsp Butter 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 2 Bananas Whipped Cream & Topping: 1 tin Condensed Milk (Sweetened) 400 ml Fresh Cream Dessert Chocolate sauce Fresh Ripe Bananas Method Biscuit Base: Mix salt, sugar & coconut oil with the crumbs until well combined Melt butter and add to biscuit crumbs. Stir till butter is well absorbed Line the bottom of a springform pan with parchment paper, put in the biscuit mix, and press down firmly. Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes while you make the Toffee filling Toffee Layer: In a nonstick pan, add condensed milk & butter Boil for about 20 minutes or until the mixture turns into a brown caramel color. Add vanilla extract Mix well Take off heat and let cool Whipped Cream & Topping: In a large bowl add cream beaters and lightly whip In another bowl mix Sweetened Condensed Milk with whipped cream Fold in whipped cream once condensed milk has been incorporated Spread it evenly over your No-Bake But base Layer Bananas & Toffee Cream on top of cream Garnish with Chocolate sauce and fresh bananas

I placed my springform pan over the cooled No-Bake Base, then put it in the fridge for an hour. Each Banoffee Pie may require a different chilling time – just check until you’re satisfied with the result. If you wish to set your pie further, place it in the freezer for 20 minutes. Then take out your springform pan, slice & serve! * You can use any biscuit base you want – I’ve used Graham Crackers before but they are too sweet so I prefer Digestive Biscuits/ Graham Crackers* Sometimes I double up on Toffee Layer because everyone loves it so much! 🙂 You can buy Condensed Milk at most Asian Grocery Stores; I usually buy the one that contains Sweetened & Unsweetened* If you don’t have fresh cream, simply whip up 4 Tbsp of Condensed Milk with 1/2 cup of water. You can substitute Fresh Cream with evaporated milk as well* When cutting your bananas for this recipe, make sure they are ripe so it’s easier to mash them down onto your biscuit base* Banoffee Pie No Bake is something you will want to eat all year round – especially during Summer when desserts are in abundance!

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