A Simple No Bake Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe For Summers

no bake chocolate chip cheesecake

Who doesn’t like sweets and desserts, especially cheesecake? This mouth-watering is hard to resist for any sweet lover and that’s why here’s one amazing cheesecake recipe. This recipe includes choco chips which makes it a special flavor. Don’t worry if you don’t have an oven because this cheesecake recipe doesn’t involve any baking, rather it’s refrigerated. This cool cake is ideal for summertime. The best part about this chocolate chip cheesecake is that you need a few ingredients only. From ingredients list to process, below is everything to guide you. 

Ingredients Needed For Cheesecake And Crust

No Bake Chocolate

Let’s dig into the making process but before that, you’ll require ingredients in the right quantity. Take around 8 ounces of cream cheese, whipped topping, sugar, chocolate syrup (optional), chocolate chips, butter, and lastly biscuits of your choice. Do get good quality ingredients for the recipe. For making choco-chip cheesecake, you are also going to need a couple of pieces of equipment such as a blender, spatula, whisk, a few large and small bowls, and a tray for pie crust. 

Making The Pie Crust For Cheesecake

No Bake Chocolate

Start by making pie crust for your cake. You may also go for the readymade crust but the homemade crust does give another level of enjoyment. For the crust, you have to toss a pack of biscuits in a blender. Blend it and make a powder out of it. Then melt some butter in a small bowl and mix it in the powdered biscuits. There are many ways of making a crust but just to be simple and quick this recipe uses biscuits. Remember to keep the crust neither too thin nor too thicker. Now, transfer the biscuit paste into a tray and press and leave it in the refrigerator. 

How To Make The Cheesecake?

After preparing the crust, move to make choco-chip cream for the pie. Take a bowl filled with cream cheese. Add sugar as per taste in the same bowl. Mix everything with a whisk. Then toss some whipped topping and mix again. Now finally add and mix choco chips using a spatula. With this mixture, you can layer your pie crust. Spread the cream above the pie and top it with some melted chocolate. For the melting process, take a bowl of choco-chip and melt in warm water. You can also use chocolate syrup. It’s up to you.


The above-given chocolate chip recipe is best for any sweet enthusiast. This recipe does not involve baking instead follows refrigeration which makes it ideal for summers. Anybody can make this yummy cake with a few ingredients at home. Start making cheesecake with a crust. A pie crust is a very important part of this recipe. You can use biscuits or any other ingredient of your choice for preparing the crust. 

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