8 Best Chocolate Making Moulds You Should Get

chocolate making moulds

Our Publicly variety of mold type, vogue, form, and price features will suit the demands of nearly each chocolate maker, from smack shops to production pilots plants. Us offers the widest variety of mold in North America to provide flat, 3D, hollow, plain, solid, and consumed chocolates. Different making techniques, such as by hand or by semi-automated systems, are designed in our product offering. 

Latest Chocolate Making Mould

1. Shop Magnetic Transfer Chocolate Mould

chocolate heart

Solid Magnetic Mould is a multi city 3D mold for building solid chocolate pieces, made of durable, heavy-duty polycarbonate plastic. They highlight high-powered attractions that assure seamless fittings to give your piece a greatly superior finish.

2. Hans Brunner Hollow Magnetic 3D Chocolate Mould


These molds are expertly crafted to guarantee ease of use, well as giving beautifully detailed molded novelties your consumer will appreciate. Manufactured from food grade polycarbonate material, these molds use high-strength magnets to create a very strong, dependable closure. Producing hollow chocolate creations has been this easy and profitable. 

3. Shop Tomric Classic Flat Chocolate Mould

These are used to make three-dimensional chocolate pieces. These molds are possible in either a closed-bottom or open-bottom construction, depending on whether you prefer to make hollow or solid 3D chocolate pieces. 3D Chocolate molds are held together employing mold chips.

4. Tomic Proline 3D Chocolate Mould

These molds are used to make three-dimensional chocolate pieces, are available in either a closed-bottom or open-bottom format. However, they are made from a more solid gauge plastic, which allows for more comprehensive details. Proline 3D Chocolate molds are held together utilizing metal mold clips. It is related to the Tromic Classic line. 

5. Tromic Proline Flat Chocolate Mould

Manufactured from heavy-gauge, extremely durable polycarbonate plastic, Tromic Proline mold is related to the quality of injection mold- but at a fraction of the price. They feature superb details, made possible through our state-of-the-art tooling development. Proline level molds are 275*175mm (10.826*6.889) to regulate chocolate return for greater efficiency.

6. Tomic Classic Flat Chocolate Mould

A flat mold produces a flat-backed piece of candy with a dimensional front. A flat mold yields one or more pieces, depending on the number of cavities. Every piece is referred to as a cavity.

7. Chocolate World Injection Chocolate Mould

These advanced polycarbonate forms are regarded as among the best in the world. These are hundreds of designs available in a variety of configurations to meet any chocolate confectionery need. They are categorized as the following:-

• I-1000 series | 25mm x 135mm

• I-2000 series | 275mm x 175mm 

• I-8000 series | Silicone mold

8. World’s Best Solid Magnetic 3D Chocolate Mould

Solid magnetic mold is a multi-cavity 3D mold for building solid chocolate pieces. Made of durable, heavy-duty polycarbonate plastic, people feature high-powered magnets that guarantee seamless castings to give your pieces a vastly superior finish.


Polycarbonate molding is consistently providing the chocolate maker with exceptional comfort and convenience to create gourmet chocolate. The polycarbonate chocolate mold issues in a kind of shape and size. These molds are easy to work with, adding a fabulous sheen and polish to the chocolate. These are solid and easy to de-module your chocolate pralines. Once satisfied with the chocolate making, they can be easily clean. Polycarbonate chocolate mold is still for making chocolate pralines. This mold can be accumulated one over another without destroying the chocolate mold below. 

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