7 Dark Chocolate Benefits You Must Know

7 Dark Chocolate Benefits You Must Know

Dark chocolate has lots of nutrients that have a good effect on our health. Cocoa seeds are used to create it. It is also rich in antioxidants. Many studies have shown that by eating a piece of dark chocolate, you can keep the heart disease at bay. Here, you will get to know about dark chocolate benefits.

7 Dark Chocolate Benefits You Must Know
7 Dark Chocolate Benefits You Must Know

It Is Incredibly Nutritious

Dark chocolate is available in 2 types – one is with high cocoa content, and another is with low. The former is highly nutritious as it has the right amount of soluble fiber. Besides that, it has iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, and selenium.

Caffeine and theobromine are also present in the dark chocolate in small amounts. It also contains, saturated and monounsaturated fats along with some polyunsaturated fats. Though it is beneficial, remember that 100 gm of chocolate gives about 600 calories and even a low amount of sugar. So, it is always wise to eat them in moderation.

Dark Chocolate Benefits – Gives Plenty Of Antioxidants

Dark chocolate is rich in organic compounds like catechins, polyphenols, and flavonols. These compounds act as antioxidants because of their biological activeness. Studies have proved that these compounds enhance our health and give us the power to fight against free radicals.

Increases The Amount Of HDL And Decreases LDL

Cocoa powder has the capacity to reduce LDL cholesterol and enhance HDL or good cholesterol. The free radicals react with the LDL to oxidize it, which in turn affects the healthy tissues of the body like the lining of the heart arteries. The antioxidants present in dark chocolate safeguard the lipoproteins from the oxidation.  It also helps in lessening insulin resistance.

Might Be Good For Heart Disease

A study has proved that if you consume dark chocolate two times or more every week, the arteries of the heart will have 32% less calcified plaque. In the long term, it will protect us from having heart diseases. But no other variety of chocolate will have a similar effect.

Another study has shown that by consuming dark chocolate at least five times every week, the chance of heart attack reduces by 57%.

Dark Chocolate Benefits For Depression

If you consume dark chocolate that is made of 85% pure cocoa, it will produce serotonin in the body. This compound is helpful in reducing the signs of depression as well as the anxiety of human beings. However, this is useful for short term only.

7 Dark Chocolate Benefits You Must Know
7 Dark Chocolate Benefits You Must Know

Safeguards The Skin From Sun Damage

The flavonols present in the dark chocolate enhances the flow of blood in the skin, which in turn boosts the hydration and density of the skin. It helps in protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Are you heading for a beach holiday? Then do not forget to consume lots of dark chocolates in the weeks before going.

Dark Chocolate Benefits For Brain

The stimulants such as theobromine, as well as caffeine present in cocoa, helps in boosting the functions of the brain. The senior people might have better cognitive function of the brain by consuming dark chocolate.

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